Maintenance announcement - Theme update

Just a brief notification that the web team are refreshing the theme on this discourse to bring it in line with other Ubuntu websites. So if anything goes a bit wonky here today, that might explain it. :smiley:


Talking about theme changes (and probably slightly off-topic), the font size at help.ubuntu com was increased significantly a while ago. Too much, IMO.

Do you possibly know how that happened, and/or who can be contacted to modify it? I would suspect that some default value in the server configuration was changed.

I don’t see that. I suspect we need a bug to track that, perhaps with screenshots from a couple of browsers.

Hmm… Found that my browser was stuck with a zoom value of 150% for that site. Embarrassing. Sorry for the noise.


I switched to the new theme, I liked it so I stayed with it. :smile:

A few days ago it was obvious that someone made some changes that broke the theme as I could not activate the drop-down menus by clicking on my user icon or the two icons to the left of it.

However, I found a way to revert to using the Ubuntu theme. That issue was fixed soon after but I still see a problem when viewing the ‘Latest’ posts as page content only fills about 60% of the browser width whereas ‘Top’ and ‘Categories’ fill 100%. Posts are also displayed with their width restricted a little.

I’m seeing this on multiple browsers/installations/devices so it is not a browser issue.

Ouch! That’s unnecessary harsh, isn’t it?
FWIW on Chrome 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit) looks great on my desktop.

It certainly looks nice but I’m still seeing the page content squashed toward the left hand side of the page when going to There’s also an issue with the button alignment at the top of the page.

I’m seeing this with Chromium and Firefox on multiple PCs and with Safari on my iPad.

But on an iPhone, also using the Safari browser, the ‘Latest’ page is totally unusable. All text is displayed as a single vertical column of letters alongside the poster’s icon.

My experience.
On Desktop Google Chrome:

On my phone: Android latest stable Chrome, the ‘latest’ page looks fine.

@stephen-d-allen that’s not the theme we’re talking about though. :wink:

Go to your Preferences page, then Interface and select the Default theme. That’s the new theme that was the subject of this thread. I don’t think the Ubuntu theme has changed at all and continues to work for me as it always did.

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Ugh, didn’t realize that the default was the new theme. OK it’s a mess on Android too. I’ll add a screengrab.

@peterm-ubuntu - can someone from the web team look at this default theme issue pls?

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For me in Chromium, the Ubuntu and Enterprise buttons overlap:

I fixed it with a userstyle

.p-navigation__links { padding-left: 81px; }
.d-header .title { width: 119px; }

but I haven’t tested in on other machines, so those values might be specific to my screen and font settings.

@peterm-ubuntu to reproduce, i had to drop the preferences to show notifications, such that I’m asked again if I want to enable notifications with a link to that.

Otherwise it looks fine.

We have updated the theme to fix this issue. It has been tested on the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari on desktops. Also, Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS. There are a number of combinations of state the UI can get into. Such as multiple notifications and welcome banner. If you find any other issues with the theme please report them here and I will work on it as a matter of priority.


The only issue I see relates to the purple Welcome banner (appears when logged out), which has an unnecessary scrollbar, but that happened before the theme update as well.

I’ve re-worded the welcome banner slightly, and reduced the length so there’s no scrollbar.


There are still problems with the button layout in the page header when changing the text size.

Reported here: User selected "Text size" affects button layout in page header

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