MacOS Multipass Web App

I am creating Web Apps in Multipass ubuntu in Wordpress that are hosted in MacOS, and are accessible through a Cable Modem Port forwarding, and a Redirect from NameCheap Subdomian. The cable Internet Modem is secured through a DCV in the site root well-known folder. The subdomain is secured by an SSL Certificate mapped to the Site Adaptor. I bridge the port IP from there cable modem in MacOs to Multipass by adding a routing rule to the router table. And I do the same in Mutipass Ubuntu by bridging from the gateway to the app IP through a router Rule. I get tcp packets when I enter the url, which gets redirected to the cable model IP address and port forwarding number. SSL Checker shows the SSLs are properly configured. Port Forwarding Tester says the Port is closed, yet TCP packets flow through the port in MacOs and in Multipass Ubuntu 20.04. I had to mod for apache2 changing from mpm_prefork to mpm_event.

Two issues:

  1. HTTP requests hang, either in CURL on the command line, or from the Browser.

  2. Accessing the Mac Pro from the internet does not even send TCP packets. I don’t want to access it from shared Mac services on the same network, but to leverage the subdomain to come back in to the Mac from the internet. When on the same machine, this works. when from another machine it fails.

Can anyone provide guidance on how to solve these two issues?

Loving Multipass. Solving these two issues is key to being rewarded for the effort is assembling this solutions

Thank you in advanced for any guidance you can give.