See also: get, set, Driver




A string identifying the hypervisor back-end in use.

Allowed values

  • qemu, libvirt, and lxd on Linux.
  • hyperv and virtualbox on Windows.
  • qemu and virtualbox on macOS 10.15+
  • [Deprecated] hyperkit on Intel macOS 10.15+.


  • qemu on macOS and amd64 Linux.
  • lxd on non-amd64 Linux.
  • hyperv on Windows.

Can pages like this get exposed from https://multipass.run/docs/settings-explanation#heading--available-settings or a maybe another page which lists all the settings?

I think that is a good idea @jcrben, thanks for the suggestion. Would you be able to suggest as much in a new documentation issue?

It’s actually available @ricab I just didn’t see it initially - it shows up in the tree to the left https://multipass.run/docs/get-and-set-keys

It just needs to point to that in the “Available settings” section that I linked to above to make it a bit more discoverable. Do you still want me to open an issue?

Hi @jcrben, yes just adding that link is what I had in mind. We’ve recently added that template for documentation issues and I thought this would be a fitting first case for it (improvement to our docs that we need to track, lest we forget) :slight_smile: So if you want to create one, we’d be grateful, but you don’t have to, of course.