Linuxfest Northwest

Hi all, I’m wondering if other flavors, including Ubuntu main, are planning to attend LFNW April 26 - 28, 2024 in Bellingham, Washington. I’m from Kubuntu and am planning to attend, and would like to have a table - and it’s more fun to have more folks there from various flavors. In past years, we’ve had many, including Studio, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu of course and maybe Xubuntu. I don’t see hotel info yet, but the prospectus is up:

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It’s a relatively short drive, I might see if @amypenguin wants to bring Edubuntu while I bring Ubuntu Studio representation for the weekend. It’d just be a two-night stay in a hotel room plus fuel, and resident Edubuntu Student Advisor Jonny might be up for the trip, too!

We’ll be a few weeks off of a road trip to Texas for the Solar Eclipse, where I’ll be gathering some materials for my next Ubuntu Summit workshop. That’s all I’m hinting at about that for now. :grin:


Any more flavors who are interested in sharing a table and perhaps getting together for dinner? Usually we try to hang out at the greek place right close to the hotel arrival evening - but I don’t know yet if that’s the “chosen” hotel.

I would love to go but I need to sort out some $lifestuff before I can even determine if I can make it there.

I’m happy to report that the Community Fund came through with banners, a tablecloth, a few hats and books, tons of pins, lanyards, and STICKERS!
Saturday had the optimal # of people - not too crowded, but lots of great conversations, and I came home with fewer boxes!
Sunday was a bit too quiet, but that meant longer conversations with others who had tables too. Overall, a great event, and I’m grateful that both our Kubuntu lead devel and I were sponsored to attend. It is too bad we had none of the other flavors there, but we gave out lots of their stickers!
Looking forward to SeaGL this November.


I’m very happy to hear that the booth was a success!
Would you be willing to post an event recap on here with any stories or pictures from the event?