Linuxfest Northwest

Hi all, I’m wondering if other flavors, including Ubuntu main, are planning to attend LFNW April 26 - 28, 2024 in Bellingham, Washington. I’m from Kubuntu and am planning to attend, and would like to have a table - and it’s more fun to have more folks there from various flavors. In past years, we’ve had many, including Studio, Edubuntu, Lubuntu, Ubuntu of course and maybe Xubuntu. I don’t see hotel info yet, but the prospectus is up:

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It’s a relatively short drive, I might see if @amypenguin wants to bring Edubuntu while I bring Ubuntu Studio representation for the weekend. It’d just be a two-night stay in a hotel room plus fuel, and resident Edubuntu Student Advisor Jonny might be up for the trip, too!

We’ll be a few weeks off of a road trip to Texas for the Solar Eclipse, where I’ll be gathering some materials for my next Ubuntu Summit workshop. That’s all I’m hinting at about that for now. :grin:


Any more flavors who are interested in sharing a table and perhaps getting together for dinner? Usually we try to hang out at the greek place right close to the hotel arrival evening - but I don’t know yet if that’s the “chosen” hotel.