Limiting brand new user accounts

No. All new users are level 0 by default. After a while of using the site, interacting and reading, they get “upgraded” to level 1. At that point they can start new threads.

It might not work, it might be too blunt of a stick, let’s see.


Seems cool. Hopefully will work

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How do we feel this has gone?

From my perspective I’ve seen a dramatic drop in the number of random people asking for support on the site.

Should we revert the setting to prove this was a success?

Are we happy we’re not blocking potential new users from contributing?

(there are certainly still new users signing up)


This is a success.

I have seen a plummet in the amount of post locks. This is amazing. This is great.

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It seems successful - I recommend sustaining the current policy.

I have not seen any complaints in other venues that it’s too hard to get onto here.
The drive-by folks just keep on driving, it seems.


+1, I think it’s made an improvement.


Hi guys,
I am a new user who has come on here to make a suggestion on how to improve Ubuntu

I can’t start a thread, the welcome message does not explain posting rules and neither does the FAQ…

As my first request can you please add new user posting rules to the welcome message and FAQ?


Thanks for the feedback @regulator - can you post a screenshot of what you saw, so I know exactly which messages to update?

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Hi Popey,

when I first logged in there was a banner above the forums which I dismissed and can’t get back, a mention of how/where to post would ideally be mentioned there

welcome message:


also what do new users actually have to do to be able to create new threads? I have some idea’s on how to improve Ubuntu I’ve been told this is the right place to post them

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right u , hear to me. thenk u! for good work.

@popey I agree with @regulator , I am also a new user to help improving Ubuntu.
I cannot see any info about the limit for new users in the welcome message and FAQ either.
When I finished writing in Create a new Topic window and clicked Create topic it says You are not permitted to view the requested resource. which is very confusing and unfriendly.

Oh, I cannot edit my reply:disappointed_relieved:

If you have a great topic to raise, but lack permissions, then:

  1. Use the Search feature. It’s likely that somebody has already created an open thread on the topic. If so, then use it…often it turns out that you didn’t need to create a new thread after all. Participation in threads is how you gain trust and permission here.

  2. If there really is no appropriate thread, then message a moderator (like me) with a summary of the idea. We can bump up permissions on folks who can demonstrate that they are a) Not a bot, and b) Not a crank. The summary of the idea is so we can direct you to an appropriate discussion or venue, and keep the level of discussion high.

Tip for new-idea folks: Some new ideas are great. Some new ideas are terrible. Many new ideas are not actually new after all. Try to avoid ideas that are basically:

  • Fix my bug
  • Somebody should do an enormous amount of work for me
  • Let’s change the default behavior for everybody
  • A support request
  • This killer app will make Ubuntu spectacularly popular
  • Ubuntu is awful

Will you not update the welcome message?

Seems like the second bullet is still accurate:

…we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you

Suggestions on how to improve the welcome message are welcome. Keep in mind that many folks won’t absorb even such a short message, so longer may-or-may-not be better.

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Nice, but it had affected me earlier… When I’d just joined

Edit 2: As @ian-weisser composedly reminded me, this is probably just a bug in discourse config, so sorry for the sarcasm.

Original reply:
Very annoyed friendly new user here.
So I’m limited to 3 replies pr post, which, when reached I’m kindly informed by the friendly discourse bot that, (paraphrased) “You can’t reply anymore because you’re a new user but please re-edit your previous replies”, WHICH I CAN’T RE-EDIT BECAUSE I’M A NEW USER.
Nice friendly Catch 22 rule there :slight_smile:
Edit: And now, (actually while I was replying) 24 hours after I joined I can suddenly edit,- but I only discovered it because I allowed notification for discourse.ubuntu. I was very close to deleting my account in anger because of this.
Please, I can understand the 3 replies rule but then don’t disallow re-edits of their replies for brand new users, and, for extra insult, let the bot mock them with it,- that’s just plain silly.

I think you have discovered a bug in this particular implementation of Discourse.

Thanks for raising it, and sorry for your obvious frustration.

Um, consider a popular variation on Hanlon’s Razor:

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by a simple bug or typo in the config.


Yeah sorry,- think that frustration was about to get the better of me.
Thanks for the cool and calm answer, (as opposed to my poorly hidden sarcastic reply). :slight_smile:


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