EOL Upgrades wiki page

I saw some missing info on a wiki page that is not editable, I wanted to post the required info in the documentation section of this forum but I cant create topics… :confused:

Which wiki page is it?

Near the end, if do-release-upgrade doesn’t work, you need to download one specific to the version you are upgrading to from https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release

That page is editable. But maybe you are not a member of Ubuntu Wiki Editors team.

This is such a case where I have access to do the edit, but hesitate since I don’t know the topic well enough. (I have never accomplished an upgrade from an EOL release myself.) So I would encourage you to become a member of the team I mentioned, and do the edit yourself when your application has been approved.

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How does one apply the downloaded .tar.gz file?

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It contains a bunch of stuff, but the important bit is an executable which is basically the same as do-release-upgrade

I added the steps to the wiki page

How can anyone become a member of it?

I just applied on launchpad and it got approved straight away

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You go here: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-wiki-editors and request to be added with the ‘join this team’ link on the right, then another member receives your requests, investigates whether you are likely to cause problems, and then approves or denies :blush: