Landscape 23.10 Release Notes


  • Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL): Use Landscape with WSL and Ubuntu Pro for Windows
  • Repository management dashboard: Preview the new repository management dashboard for self-hosted Landscape users.
  • JWT-Authentication for all API endpoints: Introduced JWT-authentication as an option for all API endpoints. This feature is only available for users who don’t authenticate using SSO or OIDC at this time.
  • Auto-registration toggle: Automatically register new computers when they’re registered using a registration key.
  • New --method parameter for landscape-api: Use the new --method parameter to specify the HTTP method when making API calls.
  • Landscape Client - landscape-config changes: The landscape-config command can now start the landscape-client systemd service.
  • Landscape Client - updated ping protocol: Clients now use HTTPS (instead of HTTP) when pinging the message server for updates.


  • #2027613: Avoid stopping services on upgrade

Patch Notices

Landscape Server

  • 23.10+2 published on 14 December 2023
    • Schema changes to support future Person-Computer relationships
    • Add activity ID to API responses with SyncPocket activities
    • Move repository dashboard to /new_dashboard from /dashboard to avoid clash
      with older pages
    • Use default account when no account provided during JWT API authentication
    • Add secrets dashboard to list, create, and remove secrets, if Vault
      integration is enabled
    • UI changes to support management of WSL instances belonging to registered
      Windows hosts