Korean LoCo to elect Junsang Moon as representative for next 2 years term (2023. 12. 20. ~ 2025. 12. 19.)

On behalf of Korean LoCo, I’m glad to announce that we’ve elected our new representative last week. Following the election result, we’ll begin the takeover process next week. Which involves ownership transfer of online spaces such as Launchpad, Matrix, Discord and also some legal paperwork such as business registrations and updating information on bank. After that, on new year, We’ll be also recruit new organizers(or core members) who will lead the Korean LoCo with the new representative.

It would be glad if everyone can celebrate the elected candidate! And We’re looking forward to continue collaborating with other LoCos and the greater Ubuntu community!

Thank you, and happy end year & new year holidays everyone!

Election result

About the new representative

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