Is running the new app store on Jammy risk-free?

Hello. Title says it all. I am currently back on Jammy because Mantic doesn’t work well on my new ThinkPad.

But since the old app store is full of problems anyways I wanted to know if its pretty safe to just run the new app store on there? Both new and old are just Snaps anyways thus sort of sandboxed, right?

I am ok with bugs in the store itself (frankly, I doubt it’ll be worse than the old one) but I obviously don’t want to create any system-wide issues due to some other possible dependencies.

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Snaps don’t really care what the host’s OS is (well, i guess running the snap-store on an rpm based system will not give you options to install deb packages indeed) so you should be fine…


Thought as much. Thanks for confirming