Installation wifi-ap


The snap can be installed from the Ubuntu Store with the following command

$ snap install wifi-ap

If you’re running at least snapd version 2.17 all plugs of the wifi-ap snap will be automatically connected to the right slot. If you’re running an older snapd version or a locally build snap you need to connect the plugs manually.

You can verify with the following command that the relevant plugs are connected:

$ snap interfaces Slot Plug [...] :network-bind wifi-ap [...] :firewall-control wifi-ap
:network-control wifi-ap
:network-manager wifi-ap

If you also have the network-manager snap installed on the system then you need to connect the network-manager plug of the wifi-ap snap too. If you have the network-manager installed before you install the wifi-ap snap the plug gets automatically connected. Otherwise you have to do that manually:

$ snap connect wifi-ap:network-manager network-manager:service

Default Configuration

WiFi SSID Ubuntu
WiFi Interface mode direct
WiFi Security wpa2
WiFi Security Passphrase Randomly chosen
WiFi Channel 6
WiFi Network Interface wlan0
WiFi Address
WiFi Netmask
DHCP Range -
DHCP Lease Time 12h

Is network-manager required for wifi-ap to function properly?

Is a specific version/channel of network-manager required?

I’ve only been able to install network-manager --channel=20/stable. latest/stable is the oldest version and immediately bricks the ssh access of my raspberry pi 4b running ubuntu core 20 arm64.