Improving Community Health: LoCos

Discussion about the health of the LoCos and what to do about them. Remember you can cross post from this thread.

For a short while I was active in the Mozilla communities where they had local study groups but after awhile, the Foundation themselves closed down those. I can’t find exactly why, but I was thinking if it’s a better idea to just allow them to be formed organically without boarders of countries/states. This could allow just for one council but it would remove the rules to verify these local communities unless those rules can be kept in place.

I wonder what is the whole point of a LoCo. Is it to meet? In that case they should be subdivided by cities instead of countries. If it’s to form a community then they should not be devided by country but by language.

Yeah, I think it’s the social aspect of it. The only benefit of a country/state-wide is for the convention packages. I agree it should be language based more than the social side. Plus it would give the localization and support communities of those languages away to connect. If that is not already happening.

It’s already happening

I figured that’s the case. Then the question here is would the best idea is to restructure the LoCo’s as localization groups of at least the major languages and have them under one council? I think and might know that I just repeated myself but in more of a way that makes sense.

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The ultimate goal of a LoCo is to organize individuals from a country/region. Some LoCos are actually subdivisions that were justified to do like so due to the number of people involved. think USA, which is clearly the most observable example of this. There are many LoCos that are related to states instead of the whole country.

LoCos are created whenever there is a considerate amount of people that justify officially grouping them altogether and empowering/recognizing their efforts to spread the word about Ubuntu and free software.

For those of you that don’t know some LoCo in Europe have created an association of European Ubuntu LoCo, it’s called Ubuntu Europe Federation, and it’s main purpose is to organize cross border cooperation between LoCo, specially for international activities (i.e.: Ubucon Europe).

The Federation has no authority over the LoCo, it’s just an instrument for the join decisions of the LoCo via the member each member LoCo nominates to the board.

LoCo’s that want to join can contact me (I’m President of the Board).

As far as I know, and others that know more than me like @nhaines, can help clarify this further: LoCo, can be created at any level, there’s no limitation, however Canonical and the LoCo Council only fund activities and means for LoCo at least at national level, because at certain time the proliferation of LoCo was really big and the burden was to high.

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