I'm an Ubuntu member, but I'm limited to 5 Ubuntu Pro machines

I’ve been an Ubuntu member for many years. The Ubuntu Membership documentation states that one of the benefits of being an Ubuntu member is “Ubuntu Pro for up to 50 systems for access to ESM and Kernel Live Patching”. However, when I take a look at my subscriptions, I see this:

Screenshot from 2023-02-25 14-07-23

Any idea how I can turn that 5 into 50?


Same here. I’m a Lubuntu member which also includes Ubuntu membership (I must be one to be the other). I too have just five machines available in Ubuntu Pro. I noticed this the other day, when I was messing about with the new pro settings.

See post # 2 @ogra


@bernard010 linked to the answer, but for those who want to see it directly here, the thing reports only 5 machines due to a bug. It should still let you enroll up to 50. One of our other official Ubuntu Members showed a screenshot where the “machines available” still showed 5, but the active machines was at 7, and it let them do that.


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This is just the UI issue - you are entitled to 50 even thought the UI tells you that you’re limited to 5. We should fix that during the next cycle.


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I was also confused by that… It would be great if it could be fixed, and that Members be notified while it’s not.

Thank you, @Lech! Good to see you :slight_smile: .

Thanks for raising that. The fix is ready and should be merged before end of the week


That’s awesome! Thank you!

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