How to wait for an application

The amc wait command instructs AMS to wait for an application to reach a specific condition. If the condition is not satisfied within the specified time (five minutes by default), a timeout error will be returned by AMS.

The supported conditions for an application are as follows:

Name Value
instance-type Supported instance type. See Instance types for a list of available instance types.
addons Comma-separated list of addons.
tag Application tag name (deprecated, use tags instead).
tags Comma-separated list of tags.
published “true” or “false” indicating whether the application is published.
immutable “true” or “false” indicating whether the application is changeable.
status Application status, possible values: error, unknown, initializing, ready, deleted

One example of using the amc wait command is to wait for the application bootstrap process to be done, since the application bootstrap is performed asynchronously by the AMS service and takes some time to process. The application cannot be used until the bootstrap is complete and the status is marked as ready.

amc wait -c status=ready bcmap7u5nof07arqa2ag