How-to: Upgrade Landscape Server 19.10 Stable to Landscape 22.10 Beta

Upgrading from Landscape Server 19.10 Stable to 22.10 Beta will provide a similar experience to upgrading from Landscape Server 19.10 Stable to 22.10 Stable when it is released.

It is possible to install Landscape in several ways, ordered by installation complexity below:

If you are performing a fresh installation of Landscape and deciding between deploying Landscape 19.10 stable or Landscape 22.10 Beta, it is worth noting that the upgrade path from Landscape 22.10 Beta to Landscape 22.10 Stable (when it is released) will require fewer steps, and will be an upgrade path that Canonical supports.

Hi Rajan,

Can you tell us a bit more about what is new in the beta vs the 19.10 release ?

Camille, we have highlights published for Landscape Beta 22.09 here: Landscape beta 22.09: New Features and Enhancements

I will make made a similar post for 22.10 shortly, the only change for that version was native Ubuntu Pro awareness. Landscape would allow any machine with Ubuntu Pro to be enrolled and managed in Landscape.

We will have proper release notes when the stable version is released.

Hi Rajan - is there a full diff of features between Landscape 19.10 and Landscape 22.10 ? The list provided seems very limited at this stage.

The similarities between both versions is deliberate, because our goal was to provide the smoothest upgrade path, and make it possible to switch between Landscape Server versions 19.10 and 22.10. A number of performance optimizations and bugfixes have been incorporated into 22.10 which are not listed as feature enhancements, but these will be itemized in the Release Notes when the stable version is released.

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