Landscape beta 22.10: New Features and Enhancements

Landscape beta 22.10 has evolved as follows:

  • A Charmed Operator (‘charm’) is an application packaged with all the operational knowledge required to (1) install, (2) maintain and upgrade, and (3) integrate it with other applications, (4) on a Kubernetes cluster, container, virtual machine, or bare metal machine, running on public or private cloud. Landscape beta’s charms are currently published in the Edge channel, and are modernised to leverage the latest innovations in Juju:
  • Landscape Server gained Ubuntu Pro awareness: any machine with a paid Ubuntu Pro subscription can be managed via Landscape without occupying a seat provided by the license file, which has historically been the gatekeeper for which machines can be managed via Landscape. This should provide a simplified experience for customers going forward.
  • Resolved a bug regarding new computer registrations, documented here: New computer registrations do not appear in the alerts dropdown
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It doesn’t load in the charms hub

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Thanks for the report @0pi, the charm is available for download and install, but there seems to be an issue with the web interface not showing the details. Our team is triaging the issue now.

@0pi the Landscape Scalable Edge Charm page is loading correctly, it appears the issue you reported has been resolved. Thanks again!

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