How to start a container

When a container is either initialised with the amc init (see Create a container) command or stopped with the amc stop command (See Stop a container), you must start it explicitly with the amc start command:

amc start <container id>

<container id> is the ID of the container that you want to start.


Do not use the lxc command to manage a container. Always use the amc command instead. Anbox Cloud containers have their own life cycle and using the lxc command to manage a container can cause the container to be out of sync.

By default, the amc start command waits 5 minutes for a container to run before the operation times out. When starting a container, you can specify a custom wait time with the --timeout option.

amc start <container id> --timeout 10m

When the --no-wait option is specified, the amc start command exits immediately after the container starts and will not wait till it is running.

amc start <container id> --no-wait

Starting a container that has stopped with an error status is is not allowed. Doing so would cause the amc start command to fail.