How to manage the Anbox Cloud Appliance

The Anbox Cloud Appliance comes with a command line tool that you can use to manage the appliance and its components.

Run anbox-cloud-appliance --help or anbox-cloud-appliance <command> --help to display usage information for the tool and its commands.

The available commands for the anbox-cloud-appliance tool are:

  • ams

    Expose the AMS HTTPS service on the public endpoint of the machine on which the appliance is running. If you do this, you can control AMS remotely.

  • cluster

    Manage cluster members for the Anbox Cloud Appliance by generating join tokens for new members or removing members from the cluster. See How to join a machine to the Anbox Cloud Appliance for more information.

  • crashdump

    Generate a tarball that contains debug information.

  • dashboard

    Manage the web dashboard and access to it. By default, the dashboard is enabled and exposed, but you can disable it. You can also register new users for the web dashboard. See Register an Ubuntu One account in Anbox Cloud Appliance for more information.

  • destroy

    If you want to uninstall the Anbox Cloud Appliance, you must first destroy the deployment. Run this command before you uninstall the snap.


    This command resets the Anbox Cloud Appliance and destroys all data. Execution of the command cannot be undone.

  • gateway

    Expose or unexpose the HTTP API of the stream gateway and manage access to it. If the HTTP API is exposed (which is the default), authenticated clients can connect to it. Authentication requires an access token that you can create with the anbox-cloud-appliance gateway account create command. See How to access the stream gateway for more information.

  • help

    Display detailed information about a command.

  • init

    Configure and initialise the Anbox Cloud Appliance. See Initialise the appliance for more information.

  • monitor

    Expose or unexpose the monitoring dashboard, if you deployed it during the initialisation. By default, the monitoring dashboard is exposed.

  • status

    Display status information for the Anbox Cloud Appliance.

  • upgrade

    Upgrade the Anbox Cloud Appliance to the latest version. See How to upgrade the appliance for more information.

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