Hi all! :-)

I am Carlo(z).
I am in London, in my kitchen :slight_smile: atm
Started with Ubuntu at its very beginning, in 2004 (?), being a heavy Debian user at the time.

Have not really been very close to this space since 2014 or so (I guess I missed a lot of drama, eh? :slight_smile:
While remaining a big fan of FOSS, life and work took me somehow somewhere else

I am back? Maybe :smiley:
As a few other newbies here, I recently applied for a role at Canonical …

Take care


Hi Everyone, pleased to be acquainted… I ain’t gong to lie, I am a straight top o’ the line newcomer, new techy, virgin coder, can’t know it all… haha, WHat else can I say, this linux stuff looks like one killer game to rap…just kidding, I’ve only been playing with these OS setups only a few weeks and I am literally unable to some simple set ups on my chromebook as its not supported…BUT-tata, I am willing to give up one more confession followed by my most honest reasoning… so please… I’m so stoked… okay, 5,4,3,2,1… go… "I am very interested in working with you, “Ubuntu Personelle and Universe”… but here’s the kicker… I have no knowledge whatsover of anything computers when it comes to coding, OS systems, Creating countless opportunities, and moreover and concluding with, I only been chromebooking and making whatever uses I can achieve with my cellular… Yeeeeep-pep-peers… Thats all i have to say n know about that…
But, Here’s my upmost, honest,and Truest promise and guarantee to you all… I am eager to attack all i can access, without trashing anything knowingly ofcourse, (I enjoy fixingproblems too, for-reals)… Iam also A great listener and excellent at helping in many subjects… Uhm, okay well, I am going to self teach myself in numerous options into this,“Tech World” as I love to work in all fields of your Out of this World opportunites and endless abundance of choices for basically all that is “Tech”… SO, yah… Hi,My name is Jamie G. Cardinal… Brand spanking new to this field ofstudies and anxious to get atter so… I’m not going anywherefor a long long time… Ifyou like, I’d loveto assisst anyone in whatever you may be seeking… Igotta secret, Imma go getter,fixer-upper, hyper-jettic, cleanly organized individual… My secret is, I can get anything and everything imagined and existing in thisWorld, Its like… If I here it and help out, that solution is epically resolved by the weeks end… but, enough blah blah… Time for… Linux llessons and learning all commands… uuugh…I wonder how longit’ll takemeto learn downloading by script on linux… and go… CHeers to you, hope to hear from you, anytime,… byeeeeeeeeee/ Love this …soexcited.

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Hi All - I’m excited to be part of the community. Looking forward to the conversation.


Que tal? Or, Ca va? Or, Kak dela? Or, how is everyone? :grinning:

I am new to Ubuntu, came across it accidentally due to delving into no code tools and finding out about all things open source, but keen to get to know the community.

I’m a social media consultant for 8+ years now and love it, used my frustrations in my industry to start working on software applications to improve social media workflow to make AWESOME social media accessible to those who don’t spend their careers doing it like me :+1:

Recently applied to the Social Media Specialist at Canonical, so hopefully will become a bigger part of the community. Keen to ensure we’re the right fit for each other. So could anyone please share any and all of your experiences of working for Canonical? Thanks a million! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. I am Adam Ng’uni from Zambia, Africa. I love Linux and I think it is has a great future in Africa.


Hi Guys
I’m Suraj K Panigrahi, from Brahmapur, India.

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Hi everyone!
I’m Mateusz from Poland but currently I, live in Norway.
I applied to Canonical as a Fullstack Web Developer. I know I’m not qualified to the job cause I’m still in the process learning JS. I started course 4 months ago and I liked what I was learning.

I always enjoyed solving puzzles and riddles. Every time I’m coding it’s a puzzle, problem to solve so that’s the best for me. I’m eager to find and learn more.

I was using Ubuntu like 10 years ago. I also tried others Linux systems like Mint and other names that I don’t remember. But Ubuntu was my favourite one.

About me:
I like hiking and camping, photographing, reading books sci-fi (but more sci) and watching movies. I’m interested in astronomy and physics.

Wish you all the best.

Hello, Ubuntu users,
This is quite an interesting platform. Are we all here interested in starting our journey with Canonical?

I am a digital marketer. Studied this, worked in the digital space, and studying it again now (since we know how fast everything is changing)

Who here applied and get their dream job? Any advice? Or we are all newbies waiting for a miracle? :blush:

Kind regards and best of luck to all,
Simona Balabanova

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Hello Everyone!

I’m Mihir, a recent graduate from Western University in Canada. I applied for a software engineer and would love to be part of the community.

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Hi everyone! I am an architect and music producer. My structure that doesn’t scared to take risks in life and interest in everything related to artistic creation brought me to a new breaking point through my career in the past 1 year. I applied for the UX/UI designer position at canonical and I’m pretty excited to be here! :slight_smile:

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Hello! I can’t create a new topic but I’m guessing there is a cool-off period?

I first installed Ubuntu back in 2007 as a college student. I’ve wandered off into other distributions but keep circling back. I don’t use Linux on the desktop as much a I used to be looking forward to changing that soon. Multipass in particular has drawn me in as a handy tool.

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Hi Everyone! I’m very happy to be here. I am a Fullstack JavaScript Developer and I love Ubuntu. Looking forward to the conversation…

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