Gnome-shell does not show files indexed by tracker3 on ntfs partition on Ubuntu 23.10

Hello !

I have a problem with latest ubuntu, something that I did not see on ubuntu 23.04.
I have a ntfs partition mounted in my HOME directory on ~/Docs
I choose in Gnome settings, in the search section, to index my Docs partition like this :
Capture d’écran du 2023-10-18 21-56-39

I have a file called “Wifi Oneplus.txt” at “~/Docs/Wifi Oneplus.txt”.
If I type “Oneplus” in the gnome shell after pressing the meta key, I have :

And nothing more happen.

If I type tracker3 search "oneplus" in the terminal, I have :
alexandre@P14s:~$ tracker3 search "oneplus" Results: file:///home/alexandre/Docs/Wifi%20Oneplus.txt Wifi Oneplus.txt

So, I conclude that tracker3 is working, but Gnome Shell does not show the indexed file.

If I try to put the same file in ~/Documents, it is showing in Gnome Shell :

When checking journald :
alexandre@P14s:~$ journalctl -b /usr/bin/tracker3 -- No entries --

Is my case isolated ? Or is it reproducible by someone else and in that case I could make a bug report on launchpad.

Thank you,

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