Glmark2-wayland on qtmir-demo-shell on new NVIDIA-friendly platform interfaces

Hey, y’all!

One of the things I’ve been working on is validating that the new mg::Texture-based platform interface required for making NVIDIA GL (as seen here) are suitable for downstream shells, particularly those that might want to replace the renderer.

QtMir (and hence Unity8) is one such downstream project - it uses Qt’s scenegraph and GL renderer, rather than the (rather simple) default renederer provided in libmirserver.

And so, here’s glmark2-wayland running against the qtmir-demo-shell

(It’s not shown running here on NVIDIA - because qtmir is actually somewhat difficult to build on 18.10 this is running in an LXD container and for various boring reasons the NVIDIA driver won’t work for Mir in an LXD container)