Gfortran error on Multipass

Hey all,

I’m new to this forum, so please forgive if this is not the right place or format to ask this question.
I am running ubuntu 21 and 22 VMs using Multipass on my M1 Mac and I get the following error when running a code which on-the-fly compiles fortran code:

gfortran: error: unrecognized command-line option ‘-mavx’

I post this here because I have peers who have the same VM setup on older Macs and linux machines, and they do not encounter this error. Further, I believe that the compiler even in a VM talks directly to the CPU (correct me if this is wrong). I have the latest gcc and gfortran both on the host and the guest machine.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be much appreciated, thank you!

Hi @belldo, can you please post the exact steps you run? This doesn’t sound like anything Multipass has the power over.

That’s accelerated virtualization, and yes, that’s the case in all the hypervisors Multipass supports. Thing would have been pretty slow otherwise.

Dear @saviq,

Thanks for the quick reply! The code I am trying to run uses the package psydac. I fixed the error by removing the -mvx flag that was being called.
Hopefully this is useful for anybody else also encountering this error!