For other Ubuntu Flavours:
Snapd might not be installed, or deliberately blocked, in that case installing snaps would fail. I see that in your shell script it does not do checking against whether the snapd package is installed. I suggest adding that check, likewise with flatpak. Then the script proceeds to install the snap/flatpak version of packages like OBS Studio. And if neither of them is on the system, let the user choose?

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Let me know the time on Friday and I’ll go ahead and add it to the schedule!

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Great Job.

Anything that is going to make’s Linux easier for new users is a win in my books.

Although Ubuntu is no longer my distro of choice I thought I would drop by with a few suggestion’s.

  • Install custom versions of proton for steam (proton-ge and proton-tkg)
  • Install gamemode
  • Install steamtinkerlaunch as well as its recommended programs.
  • install popular voip/chat programs that gamers use

Add easy to follow documentation with tips and tricks on how to use these tools; eg; With steamtinkerlaunch you can install other programs into a wine prefix.

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Recall from the announcement that you are welcome to help with much more than suggestions:


Here’s the GitLab repo: . MRs/PRs are accepted.

Rather than post a list, add the feature.
If you don’t know how, then ask. Today is a great time to learn.

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Sure @madhens, would 2021-12-10T15:30:00Z be alright?

Yes, that should! Can you get me a short summary of your stream? Like, a paragraph or so? I’ll get everything added!

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Sure @madhens, will DM them to you on Telegram :)

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I suggest you to include Mumble, if you haven’t yet.

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Adding Martin Wimpress’s PPA is a bad idea.

It lacks 32 bit builds so it won’t work for 99 percent of D3D9 games.

Which source should be used instead then?

No external source.

Upstream releases are easy enough to install.

Then execute this in the folder you have downloaded it.

./ install


Recent versions of Emulators , Flatpak or Appimage is available.

Not all of them are packaged for ubuntu and if they are, they are sometimes horribly out of date and 5 years old. Nightlies and betas might help.

GreenWithEnvy to check an NVIDIA card and modify the clock speed.

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sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-libav:i386
sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad:i386
sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-base:i386
sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-good:i386

I think making sure that gstreamer is installed in 32 AND 64 bit helps with games complaining about missing codecs and parsing for mpeg and mp3.

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@rs2009 do you need help with the various suggestions?

I’ve completely rewritten Gamebuntu (, so that people have the freedom to choose what they want to install. You can choose from amongst 4 launchers, 2 kernels, 10 tools, 1 streaming app and 1 social app ATM. You can suggest more apps on this thread.


  • Steam
  • Heroic/Epic
  • Minigalaxy (GOG)
  • Lutris


  • Lowlatency kernel
  • Xanmod kernel


  • Gamemode
  • GOverlay
  • MangoHud
  • OpenRGB
  • Piper
  • Polychromatic (Razer)
  • Wine (with wine-binfmt to run Windows executables directly)
  • NoiseTorch
  • VLC
  • ProtonUp-Qt

Streaming Apps:

  • OBS Studio

Social Apps:

  • Discord


You can download the AppImage from here.


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What about Replay Sorcery?

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This is SERIOUSLY impressive for someone of your age, and people like you are honestly incredible (FYI the D9VK creator and now DXVK+VKD3D-Proton developer Joshua Ashton is like 19), you’re the future of Linux and Linux gaming, and it’s incredible. But if you want some legitimate constructive criticism. I suggest you take a look at Garuda Gamer. I guess this reference is before your time, but Garuda Gamer is basically the fully evolved Pokemon version of your base Pokemon application.

Here are some screenshots of Garuda Gamer:

Tab 1: Gamer:

Note that it has sections for launchers, wine, general tools gamers might want, and then Steam tools, and then Controllers. That’s just the “Gamer” tab. Also I believe everything from your newest iteration is available just in this tab alone.

Tab 2 (Games):

EDIT: It will only allow me to post one screenshot per post, so the other screenshots will follow after this post

Now this is just half of this tab, there’s a bunch more to scroll through, but you get the idea. A ton of FOSS games that are in the repos that the user can download with two clicks.

Tab 3: Emulators:

EDIT: see above

Basically every emulator a Linux gamer could ever need. And then look at the design, as well. It’s clean, it’s easy to navigate, it’s really easy to use.

Obviously Garuda Gamer is only available for Arch-based distributions, and you are targeting Ubuntu-based distributions, but that’s the perfect opportunity for you to evolve your tool into something more like Garuda Gamer, but it doesn’t have to be an exact clone. Garuda Gamer is a Qt application (since Garuda uses KDE by default), so maybe you could use GTK since it’s targeting Ubuntu.

Hopefully you take this as actual constructive criticism and in no way a diss on your project, because it’s amazing what you’ve spun up in such a short time.


Tab 2: Games:

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Tab 3: Emulators:

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