What is it?

Gamebuntu is an app that helps to set up a complete environment for gaming on Ubuntu without any other tweaks (other than enabling Proton ;) ). It is intended for new users coming from Windows who want to game on Ubuntu.


Many users coming from Windows check articles like this one (the first result on DuckDuckGo), where Ubuntu is listed as the last favourable option for gaming, with the only con being that ‘Getting set up for gaming can be a hassle’ on Ubuntu, while we all know how using Manjaro put Linus from LTT at a disadvantage. This project aims to make it easier for new gamers coming from Windows (like Linus) to get started with gaming on Ubuntu.

What it does

  • Switches the kernel to the xanmod kernel

  • Adds a PPA for the latest MESA version (until an official PPA is provided by Canonical)

  • Installs Lutris, Steam and Wine from universe

  • Installs the OBS snap and PulseEffects

  • Installs NoiseTorch from GitHub (based on feedback in this thread)

  • Installs these packages: mesa-utils vulkan-tools libegl1:i386 (again, based on feedback in this thread)

  • Installs mangohud from Wimpy’s PPA, as well as VLC

  • Installs Heroic Launcher, with support for launching Windows games like Rocket League from Epic Games Store

  • Shortcut to Nvidia driver settings and installing drivers for other hardware

  • Installs Kodi for people using Gamebuntu on bigger screens

  • Enables click-to-minimize in GNOME


You can download the AppImage and Snap here. It’s recommended that you use the AppImage until the snap is published in the Snap Store (since it’s a classic snap, it would take a bit of time to get approval from the Snapcraft team; @ogra any suggestions?).


(Rocket League’s the only game that runs on my GPU, a GTX 1050, without any stuttering, due to the GPU shortage :frowning: )


Here’s the GitLab repo: MRs/PRs are accepted. Do report any bugs you find or suggestions for improvement on this thread or on our Twitter account or the Issue Tracker.

It is recommended to use Ubuntu 20.04, since there are some bugs with games on 21.10.


It’s a great idea. Bravo Rudra!


Really great stuff! Will be interesting to see how this evolves as more requests come in!


looking at your code, i fear that classic will be rejected for this … see (particulary the second point in the “Unsupported” list):

also, your snap would be distro specific and explode on all non-ubuntu distros which is a big no-no for all snaps, they have to be universal and self contained per definition …

to do what you try to do, it would for example be possible to ship all binaries inside your (classic) snap and link them into the correct places on the host, but even that might not pass the security review of the snap store since it would be very invasive …

this is stuff to better keep as a deb in a PPA or some such.


thank you for making this Rudra!
I have Kubuntu 20.04 installed
Will this not work for me because I’m using KDE instead of Gnome?

@rs2009, if you are using an Nvidia GTX 1050 then you will get much better performance using the Nvidia proprietary drivers in the ‘Additional Drivers’ app. That will also avoid the need for a Mesa PPA which would prevent users from receiving support from Canonical/Ubuntu.


You’re welcome. It should work on KDE without any issues.


Sure @ogra, I understand. I do have a question though. The ubuntu-mate-welcome snap is a classic snap which has been published in the store, but it too requires full system access (including installing APT packages). Is there any exception for such snaps, only intended for one distribution?

@vanvugt Thank you for the suggestion. I’m already using the proprietary driver, but the 1050’s a laptop variant and throttles most of the time (and I hardly get playable frame rates on it).

Sure, I’ll make it optional (added it due to a suggestion in this thread and a lot of people wanted me to add it in other communities as well)

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Yeah people love Ubuntu for the ability to customise things. Just keep in mind that customised graphics packages from a PPA often cause serious bugs and break peoples’ systems. So any bug reports using them will be rejected.


They can also easily fix problems and increase compatibility with games faster than a semi annual ubuntu release could.

It had a special exception (you can easily search for the package name in the snapcraft forum to find the “store-request” for it that has the full papertrail, this is true for every classic snap):


You might want to add MangoHud to your recipe in order to provide FPS and stuff monitoring overlay. Many gamers need such overlays as far as I know.

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Sure, added mangohud and also VLC, suggested by Jason Evangelho. Here’s a screenshot of CS:GO with mangohud in action:

Also, looks like CS:GO works only in 20.04 and not in 20.10, 21.04 and 21.10 due to the required libraries having been moved in newer versions. Let me know any other tweaks you want me to make in this script.

More ideas

and of course as in the other thread as recent Versions of Wine and Wine-Staging fix up game issues a lot faster than the versions shipped with the semi annual ubuntu releases

Maybe we should also feature
so they gain a larger userbase and will become proper snaps/flatpaks/debs eventually.


Great suggestion. I’ve added the Heroic launcher, as well as a shortcut to the Nvidia driver settings on a PC with the proprietary drivers installed.

Here is a list of all the new stuff added:

  • Heroic Launcher, with support for launching Windows games like Rocket League from Epic Games Store

  • Shortcut to Nvidia driver settings and installing drivers for other hardware

  • VLC (based on @killyourfm’s feedback)

  • mangohud (from @m_wimpress’s PPA)

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I’ll be streaming on Gamebuntu soon. Let me know what stuff you want me to add on this thread.

Edit: I’ve added a HUD for Gamebuntu, which can be activated by pressing Ctrl+Shift+G, assuming you’ve opened it once after booting. Here’s a screenshot of it in CS:GO -

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Goodness, could ReplaySorcery (an instant replay solution for Linux) be included?

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Hello Heidi! Thanks for joining the Discourse and for suggesting this really interesting tool! That seems a lot more effective than asking people in your stream to clip something that just happened.

@rs2009 I am so excited to hear you’ll be streaming! Is this going to happen on UbuntuOnAir? And even if it doesn’t, let us know where and when it will be, and we’ll be so happy to promote it. :loudspeaker:


Sure @madhens, I’d love to stream on the UbuntuOnAir channel :slight_smile: Was planning to stream this Friday to include the suggestions from the community during the stream.

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