Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 28 Sep 2023

Previous week’s status can be found at Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 21 Sep 2023

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  • Working on an openssl SRU for Jammy (it is difficult to ensure it is safe)


  • Attended Kernel Recipes 2023 (3 days conference)
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StarFive VisionFive 2

  • As the some versions of the vendor U-Boot have issues with booting our images I have uploaded a u-boot-starfive package to ppa:ubuntu-risc-v-team/release based on the current upstream U-Boot next branch plus a few patches. In the 24.04 release we can u-boot-starfive out of the u-boot source package.


  • The current upstream OpenSBI has several issues detectable via Coverity. I have send a bunch of patches upstream to correct these.


  • llvm-toolchain-17 riscv64 build suffer from a very high memory consumption. On behalf of @doko I have been building the package locally and provided memory consumption logs.


  • I have reviewed a bunch of submissions.
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Proposed a fix for the following issues:

  • PR #146 - ubuntu-image classic always passes --vcs=auto to germinate even when told not to
  • PR #144 - Pathname for manual customization not relative to image definition file
  • PR #143 - # The ‘fstab’ of ‘customization’ destroy original fstab content

These PR are waiting for a review.

Merged a PR from the snapd team regarding volume/partition size


    • setuptools - LP: #2037205 - Found a fix but I am still working to understand why this is still failing to build in LP.
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Short week, due to travels.



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  • livecd-rootfs
    • MP: #452012 (LP: #2036966) - budgie: fix sources.list to have the normal template, particularly to pick up multiverse. Also file LP: #2037327 about improving the API of this code.
    • LP: #2028862 - finalize livecd-rootfs testing of this SRU, migration to jammy release pocket accepted, resulting ISO looks good.
  • seeds
    • MP: #452156 (LP: #2037425) - Drop zfs-initramfs and zfsutils-linux from the server seed.
    • MP: #452158 - On the basis that zfs-initramfs is dead weight to server-live, then it would also be dead weight to live, so open this MP also.
  • subiquity
    • PR: #1804 (LP: #2034715) - wait longer on snapd for the TMPFDE finish_install sequence
    • PR: #1806 (LP: #2009141) - reduce the time spent on udev event processing when deciding to probe storage devices.
    • PR: #1810 - stable branch merge
  • Investigating LP: #2037569 - there appears to be a loop between udev rules and how udisks2 is working on s390x. Not installer specific as can be seen in the installed system. I expect that this will need a change to udisks2 but don’t know what that is yet.
  • curtin
    • MP: #452185 - continue vmtest cleanup. cloud-init SRU testing uses part of the curtin vmtest suite, and this fell out of date, so fix that.
  • greenhouse
  • 24.04 prep
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  • PR reviews from community PR#410 PR#411
  • Meeting with UX to talk about the netplan diff interface
  • Investigation of why some autopkgtests started to fail in Jammy. After trying different versions of systemd and kernel, I’ve found that networkd started to fail to create ip6_gre interfaces when the kernel 5.15.0-83.92 was added. Downgrading to 5.15.0-82.91 or using the HWE kernel (6.2) makes it work again. The diff between 5.15.0-82.91 and 5.15.0-83.92 shows some changes in the ip6_gre and netlink drivers but I’m not sure why it broke. We still need to decide if we can hint the test as it’s blocking a proposed migration LP#2025519
  • Analysis of feature gaps when compared with other tools


  • addressed crash when the original storage configuration is queried too early.
  • fixed failure when listing available OEM meta-packages in semi-automated desktop installs (unexpected order of events)
  • investigating an endless loop of udev events causing various issues during installs. It seems easy to reproduce on s390x but is not limited to.
  • working on making desktop installations fallback to offline installs if the mirror testing does not pass. This involves skipping operations that require access to the network.
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Working on patches for:

  • LP: #2034986 " some text became unreadable during a distribution upgrade"
  • LP: #2036679 " security sources.list needs fixing on upgrade"
  • LP: #2036765 " ubuntu-release-upgrader failed to upgrade snap to track new release"


Opened PR for container support in systemd-coredump:

  • Work in progress, need to re-work the approach
  • Finally I can mention all the Pi 5 work!
  • Lots of testing: server, desktop, graphics, GPIO, camera, ports, etc. etc.
  • Uploaded updated linux-firmware-raspi (LP: #2037634)
  • Uploaded updated gpiozero (LP: #2037637), now with Pi 5 ASCII art!
  • Working on updated rpi-eeprom (had a hacky package prepped without “proper” sources, now revising with official sources)
  • Working on updated ubuntu-settings package (ironically the Pi 5 bits are ready, but there’s an issue with activating universe and multiverse in the images that I need to work around)
  • Pushed updated ISO test cases
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Short-ish week, out Wednesday morning


  • beta finished
  • reviews of freeze exception requests
  • reviews of uploads in the freeze queue
  • working to close out the release team’s beta checklist
  • image iteration: lots of livecd-rootfs uploads


  • Friday SRU shift


  • Priority mismatch cleanups: identified a wrong recommends from dhcpcd-base to wpasupplicant, pulling it into images where it doesn’t belong
  • NBS staying clean
  • last component-mismatches / MIRs for the cycle


  • drop jigdo support for the seldom-used source ISOs; prerequisite for dropping ubuntu-cdimage dependency on a local mirror
  • publish the signing certificate for s390x bootloader onto the ISO (still in progress)
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  • setting up .NET runtime benchmarking
  • reviewing dotnet8
  • attended weekly .NET Partners Sync

Ubuntu Packaging Guide

  • responding to/incorporating review feedback for #32 and #34
  • attended weekly Ubuntu Packaging Guide meeting
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  • Worked with @andersson123 to debug the status of the staging autopkgtest environment.


  • Reviewed and merge @paride’s changes bumping the live server size limits.
  • Uploaded a fix for bug 2017644 regarding ipython not being used with lp-shell, however there’s another crash, which I reported, when using ipython. But progress‽
  • Updated Beta Release process checklist template with additional details about spinning Beta images, and IRC topic setting.
  • Created JIRA cards for the final release of Ubuntu 23.10.
  • Testing bug 2013236 yet again, then worked with @xnox to gather more details.


  • Patch pilot shift.
  • SRU team duties.
  • Reviewing candidate applications.
  • Discovered a bug regarding the documentation about juju expose. So I commented in the forum about it.
  • Investigated and submitted a PR regarding the autopkgtest queue metric failing to run due to the staging environment of autopkgtest being down. Then merged it and updated the server.
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  • Investigated the use of eflinux as fallback in GRUB 2.12 for EFI handover support
  • Drafted specification for PowerVM secure boot and started looking at patches
  • Working on fixes for LP#2028931 and LP#1965983
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  • (continued from last week) autoinstall config is now specifiable on the kernel command line, along with some changes to the priority of the autoinstall locations PR #1803

  • LP #2037133 - locale should no longer be implicitly interactive with other sessions. Simple doc fix in PR #1807.

  • Currently investigating LP #2032961, where certain commands fail in the early- and late-commands steps during autoinstall.

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  • redeploying staging environment - fixing related issues
  • working on MP for github duplicate requests and associated unit tests
  • working on MP for removal of “forgotten about” github test files
  • deployed new charm revision of autopkgtest-web on production


  • MP for using metapackage instead of task for ubuntu-unity (since it’s currently broken and the task is not installable)
  • Working on MP for integrating apport-noui into the upgrade tests to report crashes to the error tracker

ubuntu manual tests

  • Working on adding a test case for zfs + encryption for the legacy image
  • adding a post install step to the above testcase mounting the encrypted partition from a live session, still WIP
  • reported a duplicate bug regarding live session localisation
  • reported a bug about zfs discrepancy between legacy and non-legacy installer
  • Been running through the mandatory and mandatory extra test cases for the daily non-legacy image
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Ubuntu QA / autopkgtest

Ubuntu Server

  • torkoal upgrade (planned: bionic -> focal -> jammy)
    • Hit issues during the upgrade process (server lost connectivity). Currently debugging this using the BMC serial console.
  • Jenkins maintenance
  • Bug triage rotation
  • Review of new test scripts and test definitions to land in the internal Jenkins


  • Greenhouse work
  • Patch pilot shift
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  • prepared openjdk-21 sru for focal, jammy and lunar
  • added draft mr for discussion about bundling googletest with openjdk



  • in progress: preparing license file for the test data.


  • investigation/planning epics for the next cycle.
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