Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 05 Oct 2023

Previous week’s status can be found at Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 28 Sep 2023

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Mantic RISC-V images

  • Retesting Unmatched and QEMU: we will have a separate generic image for QEMU to avoid conflicts with Unmatched

RISC-V 6.5 Linux kernel

  • Testing on different hardware

Pine64 Pinetab V

  • Looked at current vendor images and boot process


  • Evaluate submissions


  • PR #146 - ubuntu-image classic always passes --vcs=auto to germinate even when told not to
    • reworked, improved and merged
  • PR #147 - Make sure customized cloud-init files are valid
    • proposed and merged
  • PR #148 - ubuntu-image ‘pack’ support
    • Work In Progress
  • Wrote a small spec to protect secrets in ubuntu-image configuration file. Waiting for a review.


  • .NET 8 RC1 package in review
    • Added missing information to d/copyright file
    • Worked on cleaning up some more Lintian complaints
  • Investigating how to build .NET 8 without a .git folder in the source tree to avoid pushing an orig tarball with .git in it.
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting


  • Worked on finishing up some left-over merge proposals from +1 last week
    • ivar 1.4.2+dfsg-2 FTBFS (LP: #2037769)
    • proposed-migration for python-libnacl 2.1.0-1 (LP: #2037646)


  • Prepared and submitted an SRU for openssl (3 bug fixes, 1 performance fix for concurrent loads):
  • Resolved all comments on the crypto-configuration spec and will soon ask for
    reviews again (after mantic’s release probably)
  • Preparing a demo for crypto-configuration (OVH, I don’t thank you for your
    IPv6 with /56 prefixes but only one IPv6: you’re actually lying to customers)


Subiquity (to-be-published new docs on Read the Docs)

  • Unifying docs build system with other Ubuntu/Canonical docs on Read the Docs
  • Fixing formatting bugs (unfinished code blocks etc.)
  • Converting version numbers to variables (rST subtitutions)
  • Unifying style & language





  • Finished planning tentative Rust toolchain roadmap items for 24.04
  • Currently investigating how to serve Rust developers via Snaps best


  • Created a tool to find reverse build dependencies of Rust micro-packages (that only contains source code)


  • Currently investigating the possibility of improving UX for BCM43xx wireless cards by using b43 kernel module
  • Still working on the NBD write-up (yes, it’s turned into another mammoth wall of verbiage)
  • Uploaded updated rpi-eeprom (LP: #2037642)
  • Proposed changes to ubuntu-settings (thanks @xnox for merging!)
  • Uploaded patch for flash-kernel to tidy up the output messages on Pi 5 (and other boards) (LP: #2038087)
  • Closed a few bugs that popped up during beta testing, but were subsequently fixed thanks to the desktop team (LP: #2037019, LP: #2037015)
  • Prepped some changes for oem-config to look at next cycle, for tidying up pre-installed desktop images (LP: #2038098)
  • ISO test case changes for the Pi 5 were merged; some additional changes required to remove 2GB desktop tests
  • Tested creation of a Kubuntu Pi image with ubuntu-image (first boot oem-config worked nicely, but sddm failed after initial setup; needs further investigation)
  • Uploaded changes to rpi-lgpio for Pi 5 compatibility (LP: #2038311)


  • refactoring autopkgtests
  • setting up .NET runtime benchmarking
  • attended weekly .NET Partners Sync
  • created JIRA tickets and preliminary descriptions for 24.04 Roadmap Epics (managed to not break JIRA this time hopefully)

Ubuntu Packaging Guide

  • addressing feedback to sallys review of PR #32
  • writing new how-to articles
  • attended weekly Ubuntu Packaging Guide meeting


  • some paperwork


  • MR that updates the debian/copyrights file for openjdk-22 was merged. Next: rewrite the copyright generator in Python (it’s currently in Perl, raise MRs for openjdk-11, openjdk-17 and openjdk-21 branches).

  • Investigated NSS-related Elliptic Curve Cryptography test case failures on jammy. Patch ready.

  • Concluded performance testing of the ReduceAllocationMerges patch from Microsoft. The results of the re-run (done as per Microsoft’s suggestion) are also not good enough to justify a backport to JDK17.

  • Got TCK 17 running inside a docker container using the Adoptium AQA scripts.



  • Created an informal chiseled image for openjdk-21 (on the lines of openjdk-17) and ran some tests. The formal image needs to wait for openjdk-21 to be available on jammy/focal and for the maven:jdk21 images to be available on dockerhub.
  • Adoptium Workgroup Meeting
  • Attended a Google-interlock call and worked on two questions posed by the GCP’s toolchains team in the context of their openjdk/Java buildpack. Thanks to valuable inputs from @vpa1977 !
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Short week as I had some time off to recuperate from GNU Cauldron.


  • Finally understood what’s going on in our armhf autopkgtests (there’s still one small mystery, though). Patched it out, sent it upstream, and am now preparing an SRU for when mantic is out.
  • Internal glibc roadmap work for next cycle
  • Some preliminary investigations and triaging for incoming installer crash reports
  • Coordinating with Security on the various CVEs that have hit glibc as of late.


  • Take-home tests grading


  • PR#1811 for LP#2032961 - adjust the early- and late-commands’ subprocess envrionment if the process resolves to something outside of the snap

  • Currently investigating subiquity’s logging and the existing interface with apport, hoping to improve our crash report process.


  • Investigating some bugs


  • Doing some investigation for LP#1965983
  • Backporting fix for LP#2028931 into lunar, and jammy
  • Preparing grub2-(un)signed updates for CVE-2023-4692 and CVE-2023-4693


  • Drafting spec for PowerVM Secure Boot support
  • Drafting spec for UEFI variable manipulation in LXD VMs using lxc on the command line


  • Investigated the status and what we need to do to implement the spec [Spec] Definition of an "online" system
  • Bug triaging
  • Improved my mini-spec about the implementation of parser flags
  • Implemented a PoC of an idea to make Netplan ignore bad files and netdefs using parser flags PR#412
  • Putting some ideas together for the next cycle to discuss with the team

+1 Week:

  • stdgpu: requested to move libthrust-dev to the universe to resolve
    dependency-wait. Package migrated. LP: 2037908

  • atop: investigated the autopkgtest failure on armhf. The root cause
    was the atopacctd service not starting in the lxc container and
    leaving behind a 0-length file. Atop client misinterpreted it and used
    a structure filled with zeroes. This caused a division by zero and the
    subsequent crash. Submitted MP in Ubuntu and upstream. LP: 2037910

  • cataclysm-dda: requested to remove armhf binaries to resolve
    dependency-wait. Package migrated. LP: 2037912.

  • abyss: requested to move to the universe to align with Debian: LP 2037916.

  • casacore: -O2 switch was lost after sync. Added it back, package
    migrated. LP: 2037921.

  • zict: upstream fixed the test deadlock. I have backported the
    upstream patch, and the package migrated. Forwarded to Debian. LP:

  • nix: added missing dependency libssh-dev and disabled autopkgtests
    requiring internet. Opened MP in Ubuntu. LP: 2037314

  • unifrac/unifrac_tools: autokgtests fail due to:

    1. rounding error (not present in the latest version), but we will
      have to add the patch
    2. failing test due to the division by zero in unifrac-tools. I
      have opened PR upstream to fix this, but before patching the Ubuntu
      package, it would be nice to confirm the fix with the upstream as they
      need to decide the semantics.
    3. missing round() method. I could not reproduce it after division by zero was fixed in ppa.
      More details are in LP: 2038397
  • slic3r-prusa: the unit tests hang in CI due to the deadlock in
    Slic3r::GUI::BoostThreadWorker. Enabling verbose mode for tests allows
    them to pass most of the time, but they still hang from time to
    time. Submitted the issue upstream. LP: 2031340

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