Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 28 April 2022

Last week’s update is available here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 21 April 2022

  • subiquity
    • Matching stable release of Subiquity to what is found in Jammy.
    • LP: #1969822 - Investigate user report of formatting troubles with Jammy. This is a confusing bit of UX about what the “Format” option does on a Disk.
    • LP: #1969970 - Review the bug, run netboot test over PXE, works for me, issue confirmed by submitter to be an invalid ISO.
    • LP: #1950914 - Issue with virt not booting Jammy. Reproduce, not Subiquity specific, provide workaround (don’t use video=vmvga).
    • LP: #1970116 - Confirm issue with reuse of md device. Review work by @mwhudson on this
    • LP: #1970595 - Triage issue about netboot downloading the ISO too many times. Merge with LP: #1937319
    • Review: PR: 1252, PR: 1272, PR: 1280, PR: 1282, PR: 1285
  • curtin
    • MP: 419640 - fix resize case where a format action is not specified. A format action is not required if nothing about the format action is changing.
    • MP: 420511 - fix bug with resize and partition wiping, add matching integration test
    • MP: 420513 - resize of NTFS
    • MP: 420564 - reenable some swap-related tests
    • (no MP yet) - working on resize of a Windows 10 install - curtin is not handling the type value of partitions correctly, and there may be more problems lurking after that.
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  • ubuntu-image:
    • Working on final tweaks to classic redesign
    • Strategy and planning for 22.10 work with @sil2100
    • Merged PR with docs fix. Thanks @waveform
    • Merged PR with another snapd API change
    • SRU’d version with newer snapd vendored to fix uc22 armhf+raspi builds
    • Beginning to break down states and YAML parsing tasks for 22.10
    • Updating the PATH variable in the snap to fix this bug and this bug
    • Beginning to implement YAML parsing with no specifics because spec is still being finalized
  • Raspberry Pi
  • UC22
    • Testing on a variety of Raspberry Pis
    • Investigate failed raspi+armhf builds
      • Thanks @vorlon for turning cron jobs back on and copying updated ubuntu-image to ppa:snappy-dev/image
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I was mostly working on getting upstream apport back into a good shape:

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  • Update RISC-V roadmap

  • flash-kernel (LP: # 1970063)
    My patch to add the PolarFire Icicle board has been accepted upstream. Debian has provided a new release. We should package it.

  • vim
    I created a merge request to add Ubuntu kinetic to the syntax highlighter (

I am on +1 this week:

  • khmer (LP: #1970232)
    Package khmer fails to build with Python 3.10. Upstream has not been maintained since 2019. We should drop the package.
  • oss4 (LP: #1969145)
    I fixed the autopkgtest regression on amd64. But there are still issues on other architectures.
  • dnsdbq (LP: #1970551)
    I fixed the build failure. Needs sponsoring.
  • doodle (LP: #1970410)
    I fixed the build failure. Needs sponsoring.
  • aspectc++
    I analyzed the build-failure related to deprecated library calls. Still needs fixing.
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  • Subiquity:

    • Finished implementing third-party drivers redesign. Added partial autoinstall support for Source controller. PR 1252 Merged.
    • Added support for TAP interfaces (and other types) in kvm-test PR 1286
    • Investigated crash when HTTP is available only trough proxy LP 1970409. Created MP 420651 and discussing possible curtin improvements before merging. Also noticed that SSH key retrieval from Github & Launchpad ignores proxy settings).
    • Investigated root cause of crash when querying geoip service LP 1969393. The bug resides in python3-aiohttp. Submitted a SRU request to focal LP 1969817. Sponsored by @gunnarhj (thanks!). Change not yet in -proposed at the moment.
    • Cleaned up inconsistent invocations of Subiquity in integration tests.
    • Started investigation of possible regression in integration tests where text scrolls very fast for some reason. (might be related to previous item). To be continued.
    • Worked on design for Ubuntu Pro integration.
  • Misc:

    • Opened SRU request for focal about conflicting motd when livepatch is enabled and kernel gets upgraded: LP 1747499. Looking for a sponsor :slight_smile:
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This includes stuff from the last two weeks, since I did not post a status last week.


  • Fixed LP 1968919 “spurious needrestart during do-release-upgrade”
  • Fixed LP 1968607 “screen became locked during release upgrade”
    • SRU’d to focal and impish, did the verification, and followed up with error tracker issues preventing phasing
  • Investigated upgrade bug reports
    • LP 1969161 “Can’t upgrade to jammy”
    • LP 1969786 “Upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 failed”
    • LP 1970488 “upgrade to 22.04 failed”
    • LP 1970109 “unable to upgrade 20.04 to 22.04 LTS”
    • Others caused by transient network issues or broken packages from PPAs


  • ISO testing for jammy
  • Working with @vorlon to unseed and remove acpi-support for kinetic (LP 1970464) after investigating remaining ACPI events covered in that package


  • Travel prep for Copenhagen next week
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  • Last week: 22.04 release sprint! Jammy Jellyfish is out!
  • Some SRU reviews and releases
    • Handling of some 0-day SRUs
  • Discussions about some test archive-rebuild image builds
  • Fortnightly HWE Taipei sync meeting
  • Investigated missing jammy support in the public security-britney runs - made sure we’re using the up-to-date distro-info-data there

Archive Opening

  • Preparing a template for archive opening, creating Jira cards in our Release Team Jira board for tracking the new series work
  • Archive opening work (without going into much detail) - Brian in charge as I am busy with sprint preparations
    • Requested the kinetic-changes@ ML
    • Updated archive scripts for the new name, branched seeds
    • Created all the LP milestones, initialized the series
    • Prepared base-files, delegated work on debootstrap etc.

Roadmap sprint

  • Gathered some data for our 22.04 Ubuntu-archive related work for some slides
  • Sizing of items in the Ubuntu Image, Distro and Infrastructure areas
  • Created epics for our incoming and future roadmaps for Ubuntu Image, added stories to each for a better understanding of our goal for each
  • Browsed through the netplan roadmap, discussed documentation with Lukas
  • Prepared some slide pages about our Ubuntu Image work


  • Iterating on the new-world Ubuntu Image spec after feedback received last week after the discussion with Gustavo
    • Trying to rename some sections, improving the seed definition. Got some nice ideas from Colin for support for both tasks-from-germinate and tasks-from-the-archive.
  • Review and merge of William’s small PR for additional snap metadata
  • Cleaning up the backlog, thinking about 22.10 and beyond - planning future ubuntu-image work with William


  • Tested the final bits of the WSL rebuild-requests bits, filled in a PR for the cdimage-specific changes that were needed to the WSL build-remote script
  • Modified header of our 22.04 ppc64el images as per Frank’s input - adding mention of POWER10
  • Planned some possible work for 22.10 re: Ubuntu Core image support on the isotracker

Ubuntu Core

  • Releasing new core20 into stable
  • Trying to deal with a whole set of core20 snaps being blocked in the review queue
  • Preparing all relevant UC22 snaps in beta for the upcoming UC22 Beta release \o/
    • Promoted non-devmode core22 to beta, made sure beta is up-to-date for everything
  • Spun latest UC22 beta and dangerous-beta images, sent for testing - coordinating between Certification and Ubuntu Core on a swift release
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  • Jammy release on Pi! (including to the RPi imager, eventually)
  • Investigated (release noted) USB failure on CM4; faulty IO board may be to blame (in 2 cases!) (LP: #1969689)
  • Investigated image build situation for Pi images
  • Investigated failure of KMS overlay on the DSI display (LP: #1970603)
  • Re-based livecd-rootfs tidy-up merge request for some poor soul to review
  • Filed merge request for built-in-ubuntu tool (some work pending)
  • Filed auto-connection request to fix pi-bluetooth failure on UC22
  • Noted VNC/RDP failure on Pi desktop (LP: #1970139)
  • Investigating boot times LTS->LTS (still)
  • Pi meetings
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  • Nezha kernel: rebased on top of unstable 5.17 functional
  • u-boot-nezha: update to 2022.04
  • u-boot-nezha: added support for kernel dtb fixup in order to be able to detect RAM size at runtime (which makes the image for Nezha almost usable on the LicheeRV board with 512MB of DRAM)
  • initrd large size investigation: RISC-V modules are 20% bigger than x86 and includes lots of gpu/drm drivers/firmware which explain why it is 320MB compared to x86’s 200MB => This large size prevents the LicheeRV board to use the nezha image.
  • VisionFive kernel: Investigation around the audio output that does not work (it works for Fedora)
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Error Tracker

  • submitted a firewall changes merge proposal which should allow the staging Error Tracker access to keystone in PS5

ISO Tracker

  • merged a test case change for @xypron and updated the server accordingly


  • discovered the Ubuntu logo was using the old branding in ubiquity and reported a bug about it
  • merged and uploaded the new Ubuntu logo to ubiquity for Jammy
  • speedy SRU release of gtk4 and gdm3 for Jammy
  • overrode some ubuntu-release-upgrader regression false positives for the phased-updater
  • recreated and reported a bug regarding trying to print to a terminal which no longer exists
  • Went over some ubuntu-release-upgrader dist upgrade bug failures with @enr0n
  • Opened an RT regarding the mirror being out of date (no Jammy!)
  • performed SRU verification of the addition of kinetic to distro-info-data
  • updated meta-release bzr branch
    • merged @waveform’s changes to the RPi imaging file x 2
    • added jammy to meta-release
    • moved groovy to old-releases
  • did the SRU verification of the jammy task for debootstrap
  • created rls-kk reports
  • special sru-review of snapd fixing an upgrade bug
  • updated JJ Release Notes now that upgrades from 21.10 to 22.04 LTS are enabled


  • conducted an interview
  • discovered an issue with the way is updated and subsequently submitted an MP for the mojo spec which fixed it
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  • Small bug fixes in the APT SRUs on kernel removal
  • Opened up kinetic in autopkgtest-cloud
  • Debugging autopkgtest-cloud lxd worker failures
  • Various tweaks to disable bos01, retry tests that failed on bos01
  • Review APT PR for mirror method dequeuing fix
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My week was a bit shorter than usual due to health reasons.


  • Kept working on the Rust 1.59 toolchain upgrade



  • Reviewed a couple of PRs for slyon: PR #269, PR #273
  • Substantially reworked PR #254 to address review comments.
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  • Opening the archive for the Kinetic Kudu release
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  • roadmap planning
  • subiquity & curtin reviews
  • glibc SRU verification
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