Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 21 April 2022

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  • subiquity
    • Jammy ISO testing
    • PR: 1267 - Cleanup the PR for exposing resize support in curtin.
    • PR: 1273 - Add source-code and issues metadata to the snap.
    • PR: 1274 - Fix an issue (not on the Jammy branch) where guided attempted to place the root partition at the wrong start value.
    • PR: 1275 - Allow the storage/v2/reformat_disk API to create msdos style partition tables. Default remains gpt.
    • PR: 1276 - work in progress on support for extended and logical partitions. Fix numbering of logical partitions. Helped to discover two resize bugs (see curtin comment below)
    • Review: PR: 1272
    • LP: #1969393 / PR: 1278 - Evaluate revert of change to geoip to address an unhandled exception if we can’t lookup the geoip dns name.
  • curtin
    • MP: 419514 - With v1 storage, remove an automatic size increase to extended partitions. Currently, the acutal size will be increased by 1MB per contained logical partition, which makes sizing the extended partition harder. Deciding to NOT merge this and leave this alone to preserve v1 behavior - MAAS in particular already works around this.
    • MP: 419517 - Add a utility function so Subiquity can know which fstypes support resizing.
    • MP: 419640 - Fix two resize related bugs. Format actions can be omitted if they are marked preserve, so update resize support to match. Also fix a bug which did an out of order partition wipe which could wreck downward resized partitions.
    • (no MP yet) - Implement ntfs resizing.
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  • Fighting snapd seeding in lxd containers hanging, reported bug
  • APT: Backported new kernel autoremoval code to impish and focal, testing ongoing
  • Reading about full disk encryption
  • Reinstalling lxd and switching back from zfs to btrfs; zfs makes audio and desktop stutter.
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  • subiquty and curtin reviews
  • roadmap planning
  • moving the glibc focal SRU along (slowly)
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  • Short week due to Easter holidays
  • Wrestled with the src:cargo packaging for LP: #1968345
  • Investigated an upgrade failure caused by grub-customizer in LP: #1969353
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  • ubuntu-image:
  • Raspberry Pi:
    • sponsored the following packages for myself and @waveform:
      • rpiboot
      • unicorn-hat
      • unicorn-hat-mini
      • unicorn-hat-hd
      • pyboard-rshell
    • Lots of ISO testing
      CM4 has a USB bug (which also exists in RaspiOS)
  • General distro work:
    • sponsored ubuntu-release-upgrader SRUs for @enr0n
    • Resolved vim FTBFS on ppc64el
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