Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 27 Jul 2023

Previous week’s status can be found at Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 20 Jul 2023

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Short week (Thu & Fri off)




  • Take-home test reviews
  • Sprint sessions


  • July security release, prepared packages for the Security Team. Currently only openjdk-17 RISCV build for focal still ongoing.
  • Finished investigation and fix for JDK- 8312488


  • working on a launcher application that configures java for the FIPS mode.
  • Subiquity
    • PR: 1730 - finish tests on zfs action ordering (mount order matters), and fix handling of zfs canmount.
    • PR: 1735, PR: 1743 (LP: #2022102) - fix autoinstall on mantic by consuming new flat-file info from cloud-init instead of poking around in cloud-init internals. fix for jammy is a no-change subiquity snap rebuild to get a newer cloud-init in the snap.
    • PR: 1738, PR: 1744 - implement black & isort code formatting.
    • PR: 1741 - speed up integration tests by skipping more commands. Was running journalctl -b, only to throw away the content seconds later.
    • PR: 1742 - finish work on swap partition creation for zfs guided.
    • PR: 1745 (LP: #1961079) - enable ESP on raid on certain devices, and boot code on raid refactor.
    • Working on LP: #2026225 - fix desktop and extra kernel included in install layers
    • Working on zfs / zpool default properties to better match Ubiquity behavior
  • Curtin
    • MP: 447668 - enhance swap method to make it easier for subiquity to ask about projected swap sizes.
  • proposed-migration: pillow vs pilkit (LP: #2028289) - fix a documented pillow deprecation in use by pilkit and upload
  • file LP: #2028686 about snapcraft and git worktrees
  • greenhouse


  • 7.0.109-0ubuntu2 & 6.0.120-0ubuntu2 (building in PPA):
    • d/README.source: updated content
      • replaced .NET 6 references in .NET 7 package (LP: #2009864)
      • added support documentation
      • added end of life process documentation
      • general overhaul
    • d/ DOTNET_ROOT was unnecessarily set (LP: #2027620)
    • d/t/essential-binaries-and-config-files-should-be-present: remove check if DOTNET_ROOT is set
    • d/watch:
      • updated matching-pattern to only match 7.0.1XX releases
      • d/watch file will fail now deliberately. See comment in d/watch for more information
    • unify d/ into d/ and updated command line interface
  • investigated solutions for package versioning problem with @mateus-morais
  • attended weekly .NET Partners Sync


  • attended mid-cycle sprint events or watched recordings (e.g., future of discussion)
  • attended MIR meeting
  • refined JIRA tickets for mid-cycle review
  • merged ubuntu-packaging-guide PR #22 – Add pre-commit checks
  • Merge proposal to merge dash 0.5.12-6 from debian unstable got sponsored \0/
  • LP: #1990621 prepared SRU to jammy


  • Future boards will rely on U-Boot SPL loading main U-Boot from USB and NVMe file systems. I filed several patches to fix deficiencies in U-Boot SPL.
  • I assisted field engineering on debugging a boot issue


  • The SRU for OpenSBI 1.3 in Jammy, Lunar is now in proposed. Verification is complete.

Silicon vendor collaboration

  • Work on concept


  • review written interviews
  • sprint sessions


  • Investigated proposed migration regression reports for packages:
    • pillow vs. django-simple-captcha (resolved)
    • pcre2 (still investigating)
  • Working on nvme-stas MIR:
    • Creating an nvme-of test case for the package as recommended by the MIR team (in progress).
    • Learning about mmdebstrap and qemu for this.


  • Discussed a new versioning approach for the .NET packages with @dviererbe
  • dotnet8-preview6 package ready but on hold until versioning issues are resolved
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync


  • Refined JIRA cards for mid-cycle review


  • After testing s390x instance creation, pinged IS regarding restarting neutron for s0lp4. RT 155441 is the ticket about getting this fixed for reals.
  • Merged @andersson123’s MP which prevents duplicate test combinations from being submitted.
  • Cowboy’ed a change in production to resolve an issue queueing autopkgtests after the autopkgtest-web charm was updated to not allow duplicate requests.
  • Submitted an MP with the change I deployed in production.
  • Reported bug 2028796 regarding the error queueing autopkgtests encountered by an Ubuntu Developer.
  • Reported bug 2028801 regarding the rejection message saying the test was queued when it was in fact running.
  • Stopped running Kinetic autopkgtests as it is EoL. Removed Kinetic autopkgtest images from swift.


  • Submitted an RT regarding the Ubuntu release KPI collector not being able to communicate with any cdimage servers via rsync any more.
  • Submitted a firewall change giving the Ubuntu KPI server access back to the cdimage mirror servers which then fixes our cdimage size and age KPIs.
  • Reported an issue regarding the timers for the metrics.
  • Submitted a PR which adds support for getting CD image size and age for Ubuntu Studio in the ubuntu-release metrics.
  • Updated the cnf extractor for the EoL of Kinetic.
  • Updated the appropriate meta-release files for Kinetic so that they use old-releases.u.c.
  • Patch pilot shift.


  • Reviewing candidate applications.
  • Sprint sessions.

OpenJDK technical debt

  • Investigated an intermittent test failure (seen only in the CI) and proposed to not skip the failing test.


  • Autopkgtests - added sanity FIPS support tests (MR)

Proposed migrations

  • Worked on two proposed migration bugs
    1. python-coverage vs. setuptools
    2. casper vs. systemd

Fixes came in from upstream debian for both. So, I didn’t have to do much. However, these two issues helped me with a nice practical introduction to proposed migrations and autopkgtests.


  • Adoptium Steering Committee meeting
  • OpenJDK FIPS code review
  • More visa paperwork :sweat:
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  • brainstormed about the dependency of the source model on other models


  • reworked MP for dbus 1.14.8-2 to address comments. Sponsored by @schopin, thanks!
  • Investigated dbus autopkgtest failures on i386 (was a good opportunity to learn about i386 tooling in Ubuntu). Turned out to be an infrastructure issue. Passed after a retry.

+1 rotation

  • retried python-test-stages on all arches to unblock tox 4.4 - which has now migrated
  • zulucrypt - investigated autopkgtest failures on some types of test beds. Turned out that for some reason, zulucrypt attempts to setuid(SUDO_UID) when the SUDO_UID variable is defined - which causes permission denied errors in the test-suite. Opened a bug report upstream to get the root cause addressed. Worked around the issue in autopkgtest by unsetting the SUDO_UID variable (sponsored by @slyon, thanks!) and forwarded to Debian. The package migrated. See
  • python-pytest-trio: retried autopkgtest with additional triggers to allow it to migrate alongside python-trio. Migrated.
  • onednn: investigated arm64 build failure with GCC-13. There is an existing bug report upstream and the issue was addressed in onednn 3.1. I backported the changes to onednn 2.7 in Ubuntu (this was sponsored by @tsimonq2, thanks!) and forwarded the delta to Debian. The package migrated. See


  • internal meetings


  • Working on deb822 migration for ubuntu-release-upgrader
  • Got systemd migrated in mantic
  • Started preparing for a systemd SRU for Jammy (and Lunar prerequisite SRU)
  • Uploaded update-notifier to mantic to fix LP :#1998947
    • Will soon SRU this to Jammy, but we will skip Lunar for this


  • Worked on pillow vs pycoast proposed migration


  • Refactoring to support netplan diff finished and merged PR#379
  • Fixes for issues found by Coverity finished and merged PR#383
  • New netplan config for secret key flags finished and merged PR#371
  • Code review for @slyon PR#382
  • Working on the first netplan diff MVP. Tracking here.
  • Bug triaging.


  • Keep investigating packages that FTBFS with golang-1.21.

    Done with most easy packages. Updated in Debian. Some are still waiting in the proposed-migration.

  • Retry several autopkgtests for prometheus Go libraries. Migrated.

  • Fix one flaky test in golang-github-juju-collections that blocks others packages to migrate.


  • Preparing VISA documents.

This week seems to have been more about reviewing other people’s work than actually producing much myself :slight_smile:


  • Reviewed opencryptoki for @Frank
  • Reviewed and uploaded Rust 1.69 then 1.70 for @liushuyu-011
  • Reviewed and uploaded s390-tools 2.28-0ubuntu1, then reviewed 0ubuntu2, for @Frank again
  • Reviewed a few MPs during my Patch Pilot shift


  • Investigation then subsequent fix of a testsuite problem while pairing with @bdrung
  • Reviewed and merged a small bunch of PRs for the release


  • Fix the armhf stripping fix (must be its 3rd iteration now?)
  • Re-uploaded the focal and Jammy SRUs sans the memcpy SVE patches


  • Clerical work to reorganize the way we work on the armhf time_t issue
  • Interview and take-home tests





Focused on specifications and talks due to both a scheduled meeting and me and others being absent during August.


  • changed the file layout of the crypto-configuration testsuite to match what would be installed on system
  • started integrating nginx in the scheme as a test and demo
  • archeology around gnutls and openssl configurations and their changes over time both upstream and in Ubuntu


  • prepared a talk on crypto-configuration and almost finished its first specification (trying to fully finish it by EOW)
  • will be on vacation most of August
  • Slow week, medical issues
  • Working on udev rule replacements; libcamera relatively simple, GPIO/I2C/SPI simple, UARTs proving a bit harder
  • Reviewed @bdrung’s changes for initramfs-tools, and did some timings on Pi 4 and Pi Zero 2
  • Finished u-boot merge with some extra patches from @xypron (LP: #2027789)
  • Still writing second article on the state of the various desktop flavours on the Pi (if anyone’s wondering about the delay I wound up testing several I hadn’t anticipated, and then redoing everything due to some Wayland related findings)
  • Pi meetings

grub 2.12 rebasing fun. Lots of rebasing fun.

  • Learning about and making changes to Grafana dashboards - both for daily image metrics and autopkgtest-cloud.
  • Released and tested new charms in autopkgtest-cloud - first since May. Tested in staging and prod and made some amendments based on reported errors from users.
  • Fixing and working on the new usage of the autopkgtest-requestors team implementation in autopkgtest-web.
  • Polished an MP for utah which fixes an issue we’ve been having in venonat - desktop vm’s weren’t getting destroyed and undefined properly, leaving the vm in a shut off state with it’s storage staying on the disk and not getting deleted
  • Added a new suite of HTTP exceptions for autopkgtest-web in an effort to have more uniform responses to the user.
  • Wrote some documentation for contributing openqa tests and running locally
  • Added a timeout argument for a setup script in autopkgtest which can optionally reduce the time waiting for a setup script to run
  • Added functionality in autopkgtest-cloud which maps allowed releases and architectures e.g. trusty is in ESM so we only want to run tests on amd64 for it.
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