Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 26 May 2022

Last week’s update available here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 19 May 2022

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  • Merged xfsprogs
  • Sponsored libgcrypt20 merge for @Frank
  • fixed regression in apt/focal, apt/bionic TBD
  • looked at some upcoming grub/shim feature stuff
  • out Thu-next Monday :slight_smile:


  • Updated pinentry to not build a qt5-based module on i386
  • Added sagemath to long_tests, but it seems the testsuite now just fails due to hitting its own timeout. But it also doesn’t pass consistently in the release pocket, so now this is not-a-regression and things are unblocked (e.g. ipykernel has migrated, which will bring the uninstallable count back down)
  • django-auth-ldap FTBFS because python-ldap is broken with current openldap. Uploaded a fix taken from the upstream issue.
  • No-change rebuilds for the reverse-dependencies of libgoogle-glog0v5, needed to unblock gnss-sdr and resolve the gnuradio NBS.


  • Upload reverse-dependencies of gnuradio
  • Upload reverse-dependencies of libgit2-1.1


  • short week (only 3 days)
  • candidate interview
  • organizational/HR stuff



  • spec review “NetworkManager config API for Subiquity” for @ogayot
    • discussions wrt. netplan+NetworkManager integration on classic Desktop
  • investigation about “netplan set” failure:
  • libnetplan fix for core20 snap + prepared SRU, PR#279,
  • review & merge manpage fix by @ogayot, PR#280
  • working on “netplan status” spec
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  • added pglogical to never_run for bionic, focal, and impish on armhf as it is already hinted for britney and runs for an excessive period of time and then isn’t cleaned up
  • investigation into why long running armhf autopkgtests aren’t getting killed successfully
  • cowboy’ed a fix on the lxd worker to use SIGKILL if SIGTERM fails when cleaning up processes
    • this change caused apport autopkgtests to timeout and cleanup properly
    • submitted a MP with the changes which I’d made


  • talked with @enron regarding tools for more efficient bug triage i.e. ubuntu bug patterns and standared responses
  • added more responses to ubuntu-qa-tools
  • investigation into why slurm-wlm hadn’t migrated - it was due to hwloc gaining a new i386 dependency
  • reported an ubuntu-release-upgrader bug regarding upgrading from Groovy failing
  • discovered an issue with retry-autopkgtest-regressions failing to download log files for python-llfuse but its because those results don’t exist for kinetic
  • ran the autopkgtests for the following packages to get the results to show up:
    • python-llfuse on armhf for kinetic
    • golang-github-vishvananda-netlink on s390x for kinetic
    • optimir on ppc64el, arm64, amd64 for kinetic
      • bowtie ended up migrating to the release pocket
    • ruby-minitest on amd64, arm64, i386, ppc64el, s390x for kinetic
    • lava on arm64, armhf, ppc64el for kinetic
    • theseus on arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x for kinetic
    • libobject-pad-slotattr-final-perl on amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x for kinetic
    • libobject-pad-slotattr-lazyinit-perl on amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x for kinetic
    • libobject-pad-slotattr-trigger-perl on amd64, arm64, armhf, ppc64el, s390x for kinetic
    • golang-github-komkom-toml on armhf for kinetic
    • and more?
  • added ruby-minitests to big_packages as it passed there locally
    • it passed and migrated
  • reported a bug regarding snapd-desktop-integration not being installed on upgrade
  • submitted a MP adding a checklist item to avoid the above
  • SRU team shift


  • attended an Ubuntu Flavours meeting
  • conducted an interview
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  • subiquity
    • Release Subiquity 22.05.1 with bugfixes for proxy and md raid issues.
    • PR: 1299 - fix an infinite loop found while working on partition minimum size info. Subiquity uses probert to look at block devices, and then monitors udev events to see if it should run probert again, but if the probert run triggers a udev event it loops forever. Don’t do that.
    • PR: 1300 (LP: #1975629) - use a clean environment for the debug shell. Fixes PYTHONPATH shenanigans causing harm to running python in the debug shell.
    • Specification work
    • Review: PR: 1298, PR: 1301
  • curtin
    • MP: 423116 - fix deb build and regular dependencies
    • Review: MP: 415700
  • probert
    • PR: 118 - finish PR for reporting minimum size of partitions for ext / ntfs. Address feedback.
  • distro:
    • squashfs-tools vs systemd - same old systemd upstream-1 timeout probably. Requested retest.
    • binutils vs things - more retests.
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  • FTBFS reports
  • Proposed migration:
    • libwww-perl migrated after some autopkgtests were retried
    • retried autopkgtests for sphinx and now it’s only waiting on a MIR for libunicode-escape-perl
  • Foundations Merge Party:
    • retried autopkgtests and alsa-lib migrated
    • lapack migrated after my upload of octave-control ignoring a test failure on ppc64el
    • finished merging mdadm and fixed some bugs introduced in the Debian packaging that showed up during testing
  • Sponsoring:
  • Proposed adding r-bioc-biocsingular and r-bioc-netsam to big_packages and a hint for r-bioc-biomart to allow r-bioc-* to migrate
  • Sync’d and proposed adding mercurial to big_packages to avoid timeouts
  • Retried all regressed autopkgtests in proposed (751 tests), then ran migration-reference tests for those that were still regressed (591 tests), in preparation for today’s irc meeting
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  • Made requested changes to image definition schema PR
  • Opened new PR to fix an occasionally failing test
  • Implemented a --print-states flag on a branch to show the assembled state machine before continuing through the states
  • Implemented a germinate function on another branch. Still working on test coverage
  • Experimented with a few different strategies for assembling the state machine. Planning to meet with @sil2100 to go over them
  • Investigated how livecd-rootfs/live-build bootstraps a chroot to install packages in. Planning a meeting with @sil2100 to create a strategy and possible spec for this in ubuntu-image

Raspberry Pi

  • Changed netplan config upgrade quirk to use python3-yaml rather than manual text parsing
  • Addressed feedback to the related MP


  • proposed migration: cyrus-imapd and sagemath vs cmake


  • Candidate interviews
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  • First draft of systemd-hwe specification
    • @slyon gave a first review
    • Prototyping tests and other aspects of the packaging
  • Opened systemd upstream PR to implement systemd-hwdb query --root option
  • Investigated LP 1975667 “systemd-resolved does not reset DNS server and search domain list properly after VPN disconnect”
  • First steps toward systemd v251 merge



  • gnudatalanguage vs libgeotiff
    • Ordering of no-change rebuilds was causing these tests to pull both libproj22 and libproj25, leading to seg fault in main exit handler.
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  • Finalized sbuild merge, currently pending review by @bdrung (LP: #1974177); MP was merged upstream
  • Investigating firefox snap start-up time (and video performance) vs debs on Pi desktop
  • Investigated firmware upgrade breaking wifi on bionic (LP: #1912866)
  • Reviewed u-r-u updates for netplan fixes for @jawn-smith (LP: #1970761)
  • Working on tidying up the raspi-config package (including fixing the incorrect config.txt path, LP: #1972982)
  • Working on userland multi-arch support (LP: #1973285)
  • Bumped into an interrupt storm when upgrading my laptop to jammy (LP: #1931001)
  • Pi meetings
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