Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/07/04

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Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/07/11




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  • grub2 2.12-1ubuntu9 with NX patches has hit the archive
  • ubuntu-boot-test 3 with POWER OpenFirmware boot test uploaded today by juliank
  • ubuntu-release-upgrader change for grub-{efi,pc}/cloud_style_installation in review
  • shim NX packaging changes being worked on
  • enabling debug output in ubuntu-boot-test autopkgtest logs is a todo


  • Gobi-loader with frame pointer changes was uploaded
  • Ubuntu-drivers-common with frame pointer in review
  • Research + PoC coding
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  • hiring
  • travel booking
  • pulse planning
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  • Worked on enabling some automated testing to apport-retracer.


  • Investigated a spike of 503 errors from during my week-end: a bot tried to pwn us blindly, trying various PHP/Java/others generic payloads without success except to somewhat DoS the service.
  • As a follow-up: I documented how to handle DoS by harmful bots hitting the infra too hard.
  • Repaired the package page after it broke.


  • Worked on autopkgtest/5.37ubuntu2 SRU to Jammy and Noble (bug).
  • Deployed it on venonat for auto-upgrade-testing.
  • Worked on a retry loop specific to quota issues (MR)


  • Quick MP to make the trigger links clickable in Alacritty.


  • Travel preparation
  • Written interview training
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  • Booked travel to Den Haag for the Engineering sprint
  • @schopin wrongly accused me of DoS’ing autopkgtest.u.c due to my update_excuses page and therefore triggered me to actually carrying that out, but that requires me to do an awful lot of development first; my evenings went into that but I still don’t even have a full coverage of what britney says!

The britney-to-human dictionary

What does Britney’s « foo is not a candidate » mean?

Do you know? This is your change to win a drink.


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Board documentation

  • Rework documentation for Mars and VisionFive 2 board for upcoming webpages.


  • Fix frame-pointer issue in U-Boot tools LP #2071846. Needs sponsor.

Vendor images

  • Work on RISC-V images for two silicon partners.


  • Reviewed a big chunk of submissions
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  • dracut-install performance regression LP: #2065180: Doing the safe solution for the SRU. That includes uploading multiple packages to reduce the number of dracut-install calls:
    • cryptsetup: 2 → 1
    • lvm2: 8 → 1
    • thin-provisioning-tools: 3 → 1
    • open-iscsi: 9 → 1
    • cloud-initramfs-tools: 5 → 1 (pending review)
    • initramfs-tools itself: 8 → 5
    • summary: 25 calls avoided. The total amound of calls go down from 51 to 26 (on a Raspberry Pi Zero 2W)
  • debvm: Sync 0.3.1. It included our changes.
  • radicale: Merged 3.2.2-1 from Debian
  • initramfs-tools: Upload 0.142ubuntu29 to fix resume from hibernate and mention file system name in failed identification warning
  • Uploaded git-ubuntu 1.1-1 to Debian unstable to get a Debian package for it which is useable on all architectures (including arm64) and has usable man pages.



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  • Investigating issues with Bluetooth under jammy for the certification team
  • Configured the ubuntu-boards-documentation repo to start migrating content from the Ubuntu Wiki
  • Still investigating 3B+ rev 1.4 boot issues, though it appears these are confined to Core, not Classic as previously thought
  • Worked a bit more on automation of ISO tests
  • Interviews
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  • completed TCK-17 and TCK-21 on s390x
  • incorporated lxd support and ran TCK-17 in a focal lxd container on amd64


  • concluded on this issue related to Mac-based Signature implementation


  • spent time on addressing review comments for the puppetdb SRU


  • Started discussions with the Security team regarding possible optimizations to the OpenJDK security updates process
  • Dutch Schengen visa paper work
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  • Threat modeling
    • First version done. Submitted to the Security Team for review.
    • Improved the template
  • Implement the spec to add needed features to craft-archives to use it in imagecraft
    • PR # 120 - feat: Add needed fields for imagecraft
      • Reviewed twice. Should be merged soon.


  • Submitted a pentest request
  • Reviewed and merged PR # 229 - internal/statemachine: improve handling of non-fs structures
  • Fixing partitions and volumes handling (several bugs already found, still discovering some as I go)
  • PR # 230 - Fix gpt header override
    • WIP


  • Sprint travel preparation
  • Tried to understand the seed/germinate/inheritance mechanism
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  • Update Go 1.21.12 & 1.22.5
  • Upload golang-1.23 rc1 to Debian NEW queue


  • Prepare patch for crash to enable frame pointer
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  • Released apt 2.9.6 with a bunch of solver regression fixes
  • Booked first train for Korea, 2nd one tomorrow (1 month window to book them!)
  • Sponsored ubuntu-boot-test 3 for @mkukri
  • Sponsored debootstrap for @bluca
  • Enabled frame pointers and updated packaging
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hardware installer testing

  • work on my PR with a new keyword
  • work on jenkins jobs to run the installer tests
  • continuing work on my installer test scripts utilising the new keyword
  • integrate script which calls installer tests with c3 api
  • attending office hours to discuss current issues
  • Meeting with desktop team members to get feedback on other required test cases


  • deployment of workers in bos03-ppc64el in production
  • working on deploying workers in bos03-s390x
  • some mp review for @hyask
  • MP’s for network name and flavor config for new bos03 workers
  • Amending and testing a script to clean up janky swift results
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  • +1: no full report just yet, but it wasn’t the most productive shift, because a lot of the free time slots I had coincided with LP outages :slight_smile:. There was a nice investigation on rust-reqwest autopkgtests that led me to all kind of interesting places like the autopkgtest proxy configuration.
  • Travel planning
  • Hiring queue processing.
  • Work on apport retrace tests on non-amd64 continues.
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Ubuntu Packaging Guide

  • reviwed and merged PR #61 – PDF fix and update
  • closed PR #56 – fix(README.rst): visually broken link



  • Ubuntu Summit/Engineering Sprint travel planning
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  • Fixed a small regression after merging the security fixes where non-ascii character were being “escaped” PR#486
  • Fixed an old bug causing the yaml emitter to convert utf-8 characters to a different encoding (lating1) PR#485
  • Tested PR#488 which seems to be a solution for the old issue with have related to the generator vs udev
  • Prepared, released and tested Netplan 1.0.1


  • Investigated the lack of frame-pointers in ipvsadm


  • Reran all oracular armhf autopkgtests from early May which ran with a noble container with a migration-reference/0 trigger. @hyask’s stats tool was instrumental in being able to do this.
  • Reviewed @andersson123’s MP which creates a “fake” testinfo.json file in the autopkgtest results for a test run which does not have it.


  • Investigated issues with the pending-sru report not being updated regularly, it appears to be timing out - not finishing in the 4 hours allotted. I’ve bumped it to 6 hours since I encountered issues unsubscribing ~sru-verification from bugs which were not verified within 105 days. (I was trying to reduce the number of items in the report.)
  • Removal of SRUs which were unverified from the archive.
  • Reviewed and merged @andersson123’s MP updating the upgrade testing process card which is part of the new cycle opening process.
  • Reviewed and merged @andersson123’s MP updating the setup autopkgtest env card which is part of the new cycle opening process.
  • Fixed a Traceback in sru-remove, from ubuntu-archive-tools, when trying to remove verification tags from a bug report.


  • Written Interview training.
  • Mentoring @uralt a new hire for the Ubuntu Release Management team.
  • Investigating and resolving issues with the command-not-found index generator.
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Performance profiling:

  • working on phoronix charm


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