Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/07/11

Previous status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/07/04
Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/07/18

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  • PR # 46 - Update dependencies and adapt to craft-archives
    • Done and in review.
  • PR # 47 - Migrate to core24 and python3.12 - PoC to see how hard it would be
    • Tests are passing but the snap is not building anymore. I need to investigate further. This is also showing that the current lack of spread tests on the project might allow us merging something preventing building the snap.
  • Digging into craft-providers to understand how we could use it to provide an isolated building env


  • PR # 223 - Migrate to core24
    • Merged
  • PR # 222 - Run spread tests on noble too
    • WIP. I will probably have to fix the currently broken spread tests to make sure it works properly.
  • PR # 231 - Improve signal handling - Make the state machine context aware
    • This is the first step to then properly stop ubuntu-image
  • PR # 181 - Replace debootstrap with mmdebstrap
    • WIP. Rebased on main.

Distro work

  • proposed migration
    • glibc vs isa-support
      • Worked on it until it was given back to Simon for further investigation
      • It was a bug in glibc, so good call giving it to Simon :slight_smile:
  • Enable frame pointers
    • libdmapsharing
      • Working to understand the proper way to fix it.
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  • Patch Pilot shift
  • Fixed build issue in classic pi-gadget (missing -updates and -security pockets from chdist config)
  • Several bits of sponsorship for @xypron:
  • Took a look at report of SPI timeouts on the DAC+ issue, suggested separate issue (LP: #2060240)
  • Tested rpi-connect on Ubuntu; works but remote desktop launches command line session (because wayvnc doesn’t work with mutter)
  • Added a couple of PRs for more content in the Boards Documentation (#8, #9)
  • Take home tests
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  • Tested, finished and merged MP with script for cleaning up janky results in swift
  • Deployment of new charms
  • MP review for Brian and Paride
  • Talking with IS, trying to figure out an issue with users viewing the containers holding our test results - there’s a limit to the amount one can see, and there is seemingly no way to work around it!
  • quick bugfix for download-all-results
  • MP modifying metrics script to include the percentage of worker units which are active - this is then used to set up a new alert in grafana to help ping us when there are issues with a specific datacentre/arch

desktop testing

  • Retriggering the smoke default test for oracular, as it was tempfailing
  • Meeting with Cert Team to sync up regarding the hardware-installer-testing - sharing pain points and discussing next steps
  • Testing all of my various test cases - progress here


  • Investigating how many i386 tests we run which are actually unnecessary
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Vendor images

  • Work on RISC-V images for silicon partners
  • Provide guidance for building vendor images
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I was on vacation from June 27 to July 4, so this has been a particularly short pulse. The status also includes work done in the last week of June, since I was off the last two Thursdays.


  • Created stage 2 .NET 8 package for ppc64el Oracular Oriole (PPA)
    • The package has been uploaded to Oracular and is now available in the archive.
  • Attended the weekly .NET partners sync meeting.
  • Updated .NET snap spec to include the upgrade story for current users of the dotnet-sdk snap.
  • Reviewed and responded to comments on the .NET snap spec (FO151).
  • Investigated how the .NET SDK resolver uses the dotnet symlink realpath and what alternatives could be implemented in the code to tend to the snap use case where the dotnet executable on PATH does not link directly to the dotnet CLI executable, but to the snap executable (relates to canonical/dotnet-snap#13).
  • Released .NET 6 and .NET 8 July updates for the .NET Runtime content snaps (dotnet-runtime-60 and dotnet-runtime-80), the .NET SDK content snaps (dotnet-sdk-60 and dotnet-sdk-80), and the legacy .NET SDK snap (dotnet-sdk).
    • Also worked on creating .mount unit files for the content snaps. These will be shipped along with .NET binaries so that the .NET installer can easily mount their locations (this is still an investigation in progress).
  • Worked on bits for the .NET Installer:
    • Created mount and unmount commands to mount/unmount content snap bind-mounts to the dotnet installation directory.
    • Created the .NET content snaps repository, which aggregates all the runtime and SDK content snap definitions in one location. Also set up GitHub Actions workflows to automatically publish the snaps to the store upon push.
    • Created the .NET manifest repository and content snap listing in the store.
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  • crypto-config project registered on launchpad and github but not visible on github at the moment (that will change soon)
  • other configurations for crypto-config, including LP project, COPYING file and copyright notices
  • Looked at cinder which FTBFS in tests due to not having python-oauth2client anymore; will disable the corresponding test and report the issue upstream
  • Merged openssl 3.2.2-1:
    • fixed two small issues with copyright and changelog.gz symlinks
    • added basic crypto-config integration with no profile so far
    • the default configuration now reads dropins from /etc/ssl/openssl.conf.d but I now notice I typo’ed and wanted to use .cnf.d instead to match openssl.cnf
  • Investigated support for “include” directives in gnutls, proposed a patch upstream in order to kickstart the discussion (I don’t want to introduce something and have upstream introduce something different)
  • Linked more packages to the (DEB_HOST_ARCH bug]( as they’re causing issues with openssl’s migration
  • Investigations and discussions about HTTP/3 support in curl which we won’t be able to do just now due to the fragmented landscape; see for more details


  • still wondering what “ is not a candidate” means in excuses; next week I’ll assume nobody knows (wouldn’t surprise me)
  • attempts to copy a long and moderately complex specification from google docs to discourse; the pain is real
    • couldn’t find a converter to (discourse) markdown that handled both line-feeds in tables and strike-through text
    • copying HTML is actually OK-ish but CSS classes need to be inlined into nodes
    • asked about enabling an auto-toc plugin and Aaron Prisk has forwarded the request (there’s an official theme component for that with plenty of features, e.g. sticky nav)
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Short week, OOO last week.


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  • Completed tck-17 and -21 runs in lxd containers on amd64 (ff, jj, nn). Found a test failure only in lxd, not on VMs, due to a behaviour difference in fsetxattr() – needs more investigation. Patched the build-tck-lxd and runtck scripts with minor fixes
  • Reviewed MPs 2071738 and 468641
  • openjdk-{17,21}-crac: prepared initial packages that pass builds, need to fix lintian errors
  • openjdk-21-crac: fixed a compile error which showed up only while building jre-zero
  • wrote up an JTReg investigation process document for openjdk security updates, started compiling some helper scripts



  • Adoptium Workgroup meeting
  • Dutch visa paperwork
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  • Refresh and test FIPS patches for Go 1.23. Not upload to PPA yet.


  • Still looking at fakeroot failures wrt time_t transition.
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  • initramfs-tools: Upload 0.142ubuntu30 to fully fix resume from hibernate
  • dracut: Upload 102-3ubuntu4 to fix following:
  • Uploaded apport 2.28.1-0ubuntu3.1 SRU to noble to fix:
    • d/package-hooks/ update information collection (LP: #2067775)
    • apport: do not modify permission of existing /var/crash or create /var/crash with setgid permission (mode 3777) (LP: #2066995)
    • apport.postinst: Create /var/crash with mode 3777 (LP: #2066995)
    • whoopsie-upload-all: exit with 0 if whoopsie is disabled (LP: #2069360)
    • Fix retracing crashes on Ubuntu 24.04 (noble) and add chaos-marmosets as dependency for the newly added system-tests (LP: #2067120)
  • SRU verification for performance regression in dracut-install 060




  • DMB meeting
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Short week, back Monday from extended vacation.


Archive, Release

  • following through on Zixing’s +1 maintenance report:
    • a few package removals
    • a big_packages hint to get a test to pass
  • feedback on the analysis on whether to skip running tests for arch: all
    packages on i386
  • used my skills as a native speaker of English to resolve dangling references to non-existing 20.04.6 source ISOs on


  • travel booking shenanigans, because Delta is discontinuing direct service from Portland to Amsterdam during the Hague sprint
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  • Finished fixing and testing the nova quota retry loop, then deployed it.
  • Investigated and proposed a solution for the virt-server output being display weirdly (see MR).
  • Investigated an issue found by @bdmurray in autopkgtest 5.37ubuntu2 (oracular) with @paride, and sent the fix upstream.


  • Investifixed an issue with our filter-amqp-dupes-upstream script, supposed to take care of duplicate test requests from upstream.
  • Added rsass/s390x to big_packages.

proposed-migration dh-cargo

  • rsass needed some help
  • rust-reqwest also needed additional help to handle proxies: upstream PR (thanks @schopin for the help during investigation)
    Patch is still waiting for a Debian sponsor.


  • Drafted specification FO191 covering automated testing of apport-retracer.
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  • shim-signed NX work (and some discussion)
  • shim-review preparation
  • Both of the above are still in progress.
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  • PR: #2022 - Stable branch merge to Noble for the changes to address LP: #2063331
  • PR: #2026 - Introduce debug mode in Subiquity for wrapping ubuntu-drivers with umockdev wrapper script to test driver installs in a virtual machine
  • Analysis of Subiquity’s usage of cloud-init’s python module and what it would take to have subiquity only rely on cloud-init outside of the snap. (To avoid surprising bugs like LP: #2062988)
  • Daily bug triage


  • Begun investigating the necessary changes required to SRU a fix for LP: #1974483 to Jammy. I have opened a merge-proposal against ubuntu-seeds as a start.
  • Pair programming session with @vpa19771, trying to debug an issue with piuparts in oracular that, for whatever reason, decided to resolve itself after firing up the debugger
  • Sync Privoxy 3.0.34-5 (thanks @dbungert for sponsoring)
  • Proposed migration libcgi-application-plugin-authentication-perl package/0.24+~cs0.5-1 vs libcgi-pm-perl/ 4.66-1
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