Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/06/20

Previous status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/06/13
Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/06/27

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Short week (Monday public holiday, Tuesday pto)


  • TCK on ppc64el: Completed TCK-21 for April 2024 releases noble, jammy, focal - all good!
  • CRaC: finished backporting CRaC patches to jdk21u, created a new repo to act as upstream for -21
  • Worked on puppetdb and libcjl-http-clojure SRUs. Thanks to @enr0n for the feedback, investigating further.
  • Reviewed MPs for netbeans 18 and visualvm


Engg. sprint travel prep

NX support

  • Downstream GRUB NX support done and reviewed by juliank
  • GRUB2 NX packages were built yetsterday and currently waiting for signing
  • shim NX support to be revisited after the GRUB is out

GRUB Launchpad bug tracker cleanup

  • Down from 650+ open bugs to 310 currently
  • Identified some real issues, but also closed many undebuggable decade old package upgrade failures
  • Still quite a bit of work remaining
  • grub2-(un)signed, and shim(-signed) bug trackers could also be interesting


  • Updated python-uefivars to 1.2 upstream version
    • Majority of downstream delta gone
    • Package currently waiting for review and sponsoring
  • Currently working on the beginnings of POWER boot testing support in ubuntu-boot-test
  • Travel planning for Canonical Engineering Sprint in October 2024
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  • paired with @bdrung on LP #2028868 – make mmdebstrap autopkgtest test-case work for ubuntu archive; follow up tasks:
    • verifying in ppa:dviererbe/dash that dash passes autopkgtest on oracular
    • opened MP in debian to remove unused code


  • reviewed Ravis pair programming “spec” draft
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  • Fix card detect on VisionFive 2 board. Patch sent upstream.
  • Start cleaning up network driver to prepare implementation network protocols


  • Review submissions
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  • MP review for @hyask
  • lxd remote maintenance
  • RT for trusty and xenial auto-sync images in bos03-ppc64el
  • MP’s with a couple of bugfixes
  • Rolled out the user page
  • A couple of small bugfix MPs
  • Looked into an issue with deploying the charms due to a new juju version being installed in production

iso testing

  • Manual testing of the oracular image and then manual promotion from pending to current
  • Fixed the flakiness of the smoke tests altogether, finally! MP coming soon, but the fix is currently cowboy’d.


  • Still have a blocking issue, so I’m working on the repo more than the individual tests
  • Completing full suite of tests for the desktop installer - progress here
  • Writing steps for flashing the usb and booting into the installerr


  • Made an MP which updates the jira card template for beginning upgrade testing for a new release
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Shorter week, took two days off.



  • Investigated and worked around a britney issue reappearing (the Content-Length problem, that will be fixed by this MP)
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Short week (3 days), due to vacations




  • HR stuff
  • Upgrade to Noble
  • email & MM backlog after vacations
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  • Reviewed a take home test
  • Booked travel for next sprint
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  • Simplified the pi-gadget classic branch to use chdist and simple copying
  • Moved the cloud-init seed from ubuntu-raspi-settings-server to ubuntu-raspi-settings now that it’s included in the desktop (LP: #2069827)
  • Proposed a merge stripping ubiquity / oem-config from the Raspberry Pi image definitions
  • Patch piloting on Monday
  • Prepared an implementation permitting multiple image templates to be matched in zapper tests
  • Proposed a merge simplifying the classic branch of the pi-gadget
  • Further merge prepped to finish the necessary oracular changes for the pi-gadget, but it depends on the above merge
  • Got a test image with gnome-initial-setup working (locally generated from the above merges)!
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Short week, I came back to work on Monday.


  • PR # 39 - Document the imagecraft.yaml configuration file
    • Done, now in review.
  • Threat modeling
    • WIP


  • PR # 227 - Set gpt partition as bootable if associated to system-boot role
    • Reviewed. I need to add a test case.
  • PR # 170 - Bundle e2fsprogs and associated configuration with ubuntu-image
    • Merged \o/. But I now notice that the check running at build time is regularly failing with a HTTP 504 error. If this is happening too often I will probably only run this check in CI because the automatic build pipeline is supposed to build a snap shortly after some code is merged in main.
  • PR # 217 - Improve validation and robustness around volumes management declared in gadget.yaml
    • Reviewed
    • Investigating spread test failures before merging (and trying to see if this is linked to this PR or not)
  • Merging various small PRs to improve documentation.


  • Catching up on emails and chats after 2 weeks OOO
  • Travel preparation for next sprint
  • Ubuntu threat modeling
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  • Prepared the 1.0 stable branch for netplan 1.0.1
  • Finished the netplan status --diff pack of fixes and improvements (PR#466)
  • Code review (PR#479)


  • Fixed ikiwiki-hosting and gnulib tests that started to fail due to git 2.45. Git now migrated. (LP#2069293, LP#2069304)
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  • This week I only focus on implementing a prototype for go-dev-pack snap.
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  • Finished analyzing the packages that ship initramfs-tools hooks.
  • Tested dracut on our possible installation methods. All work except of ZFS.
  • feat(dracut): search for zstd compressor first
  • Fixed several shellcheck complains upstream




  • Submitted my talk proposal about “initrd performance improvements” to All System Go conference
  • Take home test grading
  • Worked on stuff the world is not ready to see yet!
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  • glibc, base-files, usrmerge, and preinst headaches.
  • updates the needrestart autopkgtest scripts to not use the newly deprecated APIs from python-libtmux
  • wrote some documentation for a partner on how to properly rebuild any random Ubuntu package
  • DMB platform
  • My talk proposal for DevFest Nantes “Cutting through the layers: anatomy of a Linux system” has been accepted
  • Some travel prep
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+1 Maintenance

  • node-yarnpkg - bad debian patch and bad tests prevent the build
  • jsxgraph - gawk is missing from the build-depends
  • ruff - requires a sync and AA action
  • dub - should disable LTO
  • ypy - missing some Rust packages in Debian
  • rust-imperative - missing rust-stemmers upload in Debian
  • xilinx-runtime - missing headers
  • vectorscan - should disable LTO
  • tiledarray - need updating btas
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  • Continued investigation into the systemd-networkd-wait-online bug (LP: #2063331)
    • Desktop’s use of NetworkManager (where Server uses networkd) has me wary of the right changes to land this fix in Desktop.
  • I finally finished redrafting my spec for apport hook changes after discussions in Madrid (FO140)
  • Merged the updated Subiquity hook in Apport (Thanks @bdrung for the extensive review)
  • Opened a PR to add my quick netboot test instructions to Subiquity - PR#2016
  • Subiquity Bug triage


  • Opened an MP to add netboot test cases for Desktop on the ISO tracker - MP:#467744
  • Travel planning
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-03 Benchmarking:

  • preparing benchmarking test suite.
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