Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/06/13

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Next status: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 2024/06/20

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  • New release publishe


  • FTBFS resolved, rebuilt to include current OpenSBI


  • Loading of OS provided device-trees fixed in upstream.
  • Boot options now can specify the binary + initrd +dtb in upstream
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  • Packaged python-google-api-core ( )
  • Analyzed why Britney is not migrating a large number of packages. Long story short: interlocked transitions, a few errors, packages that need rebuilds and patches to build with the new libraries
    • working on gdcm which needs several patches for vtk 9.3 and seems to be the first one of a batch dependency-wise
    • other libraries include camitk, insighttoolkit5, odin, opencv, sight, therion
  • Wrote an e-mail but didn’t send it yet titled “Analyzing migrations: britney, update_output.txt, chdist, dose-distcheck and apt solver 3”


  • Conference request for Kernel Recipes 2024 (September in Paris)
  • Preparing a proper hosting for my rewritten update_excuses.html (i.e. not in my laptop with an rsync to another machine!)
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  • Working to finish some bug fixes
  • Addressed Lukas’ comments and trying to improve the detection of dynamic configuration as part of PR#466 to improve status --diff.


  • gnulib: the new git (2.45) caused a regression due to output to stderr LP#2069304
  • ikiwiki-hosting: regression also caused by the new git related to recent security fixes. In this case, the repository create for the test is not trusted by git anymore and requires explicit allow-listing LP#2069293
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Short week due to public holiday


  • Spend most of the time debuging fakeroot hang on oracular chroot with jammy kernel. Still not fixing yet. LP : #2068702
  • Analyze packages (golang-1.22, google-guest-agent, google-osconfig-agent, ipp-usb, kbd, libcaca) potential without frame pointer.
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Short week with some PTO.



  • Travel planning
  • Hiring stuff
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  • More results for the dracut regression bug (LP: #2065180); @bdrung has some impressive optimizations there which should improve things significantly on noble
  • More review notes on the spec for initial user setup for pi images
  • Replicated conditions for flash-kernel bug on jammy->mantic->noble upgrade on Pi (LP: #2065831), working on resolution
  • Submitted PR for checkbox docs
  • Still playing with checkbox, zapper, and test-flinger for automating ISO tests; experimented with checkbox controlling zapper via proxy, and image deployment but still unsure exactly which layer to use for ISO test implementation
  • Testing updated gnome-initial-setup for Pi desktop images (currently running into conflict with cloud-init)
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  • Putting britney back on track after some ENOSPACE errors, probably resulting from a wrong setup after the reboot from last week.


  • Getting started on running apport-retrace to see how we could go about testing that more, to avoid what happened with noble and the error tracker failing to retrace for 6 months.
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  • gcc-13 proposed migration:
    • excuses says it’s a candidate
    • update_output notes that 40ish packages are uninstallable if that happens
    • these are ada related packages
    • gnat-13 provides an autogenerated virtual package name that these things depend on, and that provides has changed in the gcc-13 upload
    • NCR the other packages and upload
    • work through rebuild clicks to ones done that need a certain order. Just because launchpad says a package is published doesn’t mean you can depend on it, seems better to wait for it to show in rmadison
    • some builds fail due to known issue in gcc upstream, Bug #2058742 “libalog and dbusada ftbfs on s390x with gnat-13” : Bugs : dbusada package : Ubuntu, just document one more package affected
    • work through retest scheduling, I believe this is now just waiting on a gprconfig-kb vs gprbuild arm64 test run
  • subiquity
    • have changes related to changed location of the kernel in the ISO, need to PR it
    • OEM related kernel testing in the new scheme
  • patch-pilot
  • greenhouse
  • travel planning
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  • continued to work on Flamenco
    • added enhanced diagnostics
    • refactoring using new diagnostics
    • added status command to display available build targets and release state
  • migrating .NET source package generation to Flamenco
  • attended weekly .NET security partners meeting


  • reviewd unzip MP #466860 that fixes UTF8 support
  • paperwork
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  • Sent in my DMB self-nomination
  • Worked hard to reduce the size of our delta on glibc. It’s still pretty big :cry:
  • Some fun with @juliank on usrmerge stuff
  • Interesting investigation of an apport bug
  • Speaking of apport, quite a few reviews and merges for @bdrung
  • Some ongoing work on needrestart
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  • full SRU shift last Friday
    • accepted new grub SRUs into jammy and focal
    • discussions around release of grub SRU that has been waiting in mantic-proposed for a while
  • in-progress review of adsys exceptional SRU for jammy


  • escalating issues to IS. Hardware failure led to desynced frontends (aerodent); taking aerodent out of rotation led to too much load on another node (actiontoad) so it also had to be taken out of rotation. cdimage now has only two frontends on one of Canonical’s upstream links; so service is degraded, but the frontends are up-to-date.
  • discussions about which upstream kernel will ship in 24.10


  • Travel booking for October sprint
  • spec reviews
  • Out of office for 3 weeks starting next week
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  • Continued investigation into the systemd-networkd-wait-online bug (LP: #2063331) - The solution is potentially a simple, one line change (knock on wood) but I am working to write tests to verify and make sure we don’t regress this in the future.
  • Further ISO testing to ensure LP: #2062988 will be fixed for the point release
  • Bug triage


  • LP: #2067654 - MIR for libsub-prototype-perl
  • I was on +1 maintenance last week. I mostly worked to push along the pytest 7 → 8 transition. You can read my report in the ubuntu-devel mailing list archive
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  • Successfully got rustc-1.76 into the archive
  • rust-defaults is still under review


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  • Continued working on the content snap support in the .NET installer for the new .NET snaps.
  • Created a stage 1 bootstrap package for .NET 8 on ppc64el targeting Oracular Oriole (PPA).
  • Attended weekly .NET partners sync meeting.
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OpenJDK / Java

  1. OpenJDK CRaC: Rebased/backported crac patches on the latest jdk-17 branch.
    We need to maintain our own upstreams for the proposed openjdk-17-crac/openjdk-21-crac
    packages. Created the openjdk-17-crac upstream.

  2. TCK on more archs: Completed tck-17 testing of the latest OpenJDK security update on ppc64el (noble/jammy/focal).

  3. Running TCK in lxd: Wrote up a script to create a TCK capable lxd container image. Testing it. Also working on changes to the actual driver script to take an alternate lxd path.

  4. Misc:
    First Toolchains squad meeting
    Adoptium Workgroup meeting

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  • Meeting w Jesus from the desktop team to discuss our progress with zapper
  • Meeting w Paolo and Michal from the zapper team to discuss zapper requirements for the suite of installer tests
  • Created and started working on a repo to host the suite of installer tests for testing in the lab


  • Updating the charms (prior to this investigating and pinging about an issue that blocked us from doing so)
  • Amending old stale MP’s
  • MP for restarting worker services, apache2 and web services on a charm update
  • Amended and merged an MP for the website which better handles failures in rabbitmq, and surfaces an appropriate error message to the user
  • Finishing up the user page MP, and pair programming it with @hyask

iso testing

  • Looking into the flakiness of the oracular smoke test on jenkins - still in progress


  • Amended an MP with a torrent testing script based on recent changes to the cdimage server


  • Booking travel for The Hague
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