Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 12 Oct 2023

Previous week’s status can be found at Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 05 Oct 2023

We’re in Mantic release week (today is release day, actually), so the Foundations meeting will not take place. Feel free to share a status update anyway.

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  • take-home tests
  • written interview
  • working through a big pile of emails/pings/updates after an extended leave
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I’ve spent most of this week preparing a testing framework for the bootloader stack. The goal of this effort is to have every supported boot chain automatically tested at some point. I am a long way from that, having started this effort on Monday. Some initial autopkgtests for secure boot enabled shim+GRUB on arm64 and amd64 should be out there reasonably soon.

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  • PR #148 - ubuntu-image ‘pack’ support
    • Proposed, waiting for a review
  • PR #150 - Support the keep-enabled parameter in ubuntu-image extra-ppas
    • Proposed, waiting for a review
  • PR #144 - Pathname for manual customization not relative to image definition file
    • Merged

+1 Maintenance

Shadowing @schopin

  • delve Fixed a FTBFS in delve
    • With recent changes to debian/ubuntu tzdata package, the Mexico/BajaSur is not valid anymore (not present by default). Without this timezone, the tested binary panicked. Changing the timezone used in the test fixed the issue.

Submitted small improvements to visual-excuses, see PR #10

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