Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 1 December

Previous status can be found here: Foundations Team Updates - Thursday 24 November 2022



  • merge latest Debian version


  • test SRUed versions
  • test serurity updates
  • analyze why booting on Focal via EFI fails (missing hart ID)


  • test SRUed version


  • test Jammy builds


  • sync request created



  • bug triage session with Danilo
  • send email about NM call-for-testing to ubuntu-devel@
  • review big libnetplan API refactoring PR#289
  • fix & merge NM 1.40 compat PR#300
  • review & merge netplan ip lease PR#301


  • candidate interviews
  • take-home test reviews
  • Ubuntu TB nomination introduction email
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  • more specwork to reduce number of crashes caused by APT errors
  • continuing the POC with mirror testing
  • followed up with cloud-init bug LP: #1997559 making the Subiquity CI pipeline break in lunar.
  • addressed LP: #1997538 (standard server installs crashing early on devel branch)
    • multiple duplicates ; bug is also affecting users of the new desktop installer / daily canary
    • opened and merged PR 1493 to address it
    • includes a new mechanism to configure behavior of dry-run executions
    • coordinated with desktop team to fix the issue in the desktop installer
  • investigated Subiquity installing server flavor of drivers (i.e., GPGPU) of nvidia chips on desktop. Opened PR 1505 to address it
  • testing of Ubuntu Pro (magic-attach) with demo environment
    • fixed one crash in Subiquity when going back to the Ubuntu Pro screen (PR 1495)
    • added mechanism to test against demo environment in dry-run mode (PR 1494)
    • tests are green


  • merge of debian-goodies in lunar-release (thanks @sil2100 for sponsoring it!)
  • merge of sysvinit in lunar-proposed (thanks @juliank for sponsoring it!). Also includes a fix for missing changelog in binary package (LP: #1998324)
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(short week, was off Friday and Monday)


  • Investigated LP#1997797 (CT-96): vd* devices have no by-id links, we probably should use by-uuid in grub-multi-install


  • Reproduced LP #1396379 as part of the previous item; need to reinstall with patched installer to validate merge proposal.


  • python-apt 2.5.0 and SRUs for AcquireFile large file support LP#1998265


  • Investigated bionic blockers, retried with new unattended-upgrades


  • sponsored sysvinit merge for @ogayot


  • installed new ThinkPad T14 G3 AMD and filed and reproduced bugs
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  • Opened PR to update to latest snapd. This fixes a bug with using defaults in the gadget definition and the --cloud-init flag together
  • Investigated issue with non-sequential partition numbers, need to do some upstream library work
  • Spec review for using new ubuntu-image for official image builds

+1 maintenance

  • Mostly focused on Perl
    • Restarted lots of tests
    • Queued some migration-reference/0 tests
    • Queued some --all-proposed tests
    • List of blocking tests reduced from 2,000 to < 1000
  • Also looking into the golang-github-containers-psgo dependency chain
    • Uploaded new golang-github-opencontainers-runtime-tools
    • Looked into FTBFS for golang-github-containerd-stargz-snapshotter
      • This requires some new dependencies to be packaged


  • Lots of take home tests
  • Busybox merge (waiting on build queues)
  • brltty merge (completed)
  • As part of my work with the Accessibility Guild, working on snapping nerd-dictation speech to text software
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  • a lot of catch-up after being OOO
  • several candidate code packet reviews
  • casper - verify LP: #1986781, @mfo plans to SRU it
  • Create a repo for the Desktop Autoinstall documentation. This outlines a process for using Subiquity to automate a desktop installation. In later releases we will improve this process.
  • Start plans for next Subiquity stable build, want to do it next week.
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This covers a couple of weeks or so as I was out.


  • Added soapdenovo2 to big_packages for amd64 because it OOM’ed
  • Replaced lxd-armhf11 due to file system / database corruption
  • Merged a branch providing more details about adding the new release.
  • Provided an example of how to use run-autopkgtest when opening a new release.
  • Submitted an MP removing the blacklisting of virtio_rng for kinetic as the bug has been fixed for a bit.
  • Cowboy’ed the above change on the cloud workers.
  • Added multiple packages to the never_run list after looking at Debian’s reject_list.
  • After getting some help from the Juju and IS teams I resolved (worked around) an issue with the autocert failing to upgrade in the staging and production versions of the autopkgtest environment. I submitted an MP with the changes I cowboy’ed in production and staging.
  • Rebuilt the autopkgtest-cloud readthedocs documentation.
  • Updated the autopkgtest-cloud-worker charm and updated the staging version of the proposed migration environment.

Error Tracker

  • Update the errors code switching from Kinetic to 22.10 in staging and production.
  • Updated the daisy and errors code for Lunar and updated the servers in staging and production.


  • Updated the whoopise and jasper-initramfs bzr branches to point at the git branch which @bdrung created.
  • Submitted an MP which adds retracer configuration for Lunar.
  • Merged and uploaded an MP from @enr0n removing the firefox deb quirk and fixing an apport package hook crash.
  • Submitted a pull request adding contact information to the ubuntu-desktop-installer snap which will fix bug 1979845 regarding not being able to use ubuntu-bug w/ the snap in the “Try Ubuntu” environment.
  • Updated phased-updates report to point to the source code in git instead of bzr which was a 404.
  • Submitted, merged an MP adding a release team task to notify the Ubuntu QA team about submitting an RT to create autopkgtest images.
  • Investigation into the missing command-not-found indexes for Lunar. I ended up performing a manual build of them because the Jammy builds are ending a Traceback. Well the Lunar build ended up with a Traceback too.
  • Reported bug 1998265 regarding an OverFlow error in apt when trying to build the command-not-found indexes.
  • Cowboy’ed a try except into the cnf-extractor so that we can at least generate indexes for Kinetic and Lunar.
  • Merged and uploaded an MP for ubuntu-release-upgrader which adds a dist-upgrade quirk for Focal (B to F upgrade) fips systems.
  • Reported bug 1998365 regarding a crash in subiquity when installing the Lunar canary daily image.
  • Reported bug 1998376 regarding NVIDIA server drivers being installed after using the new desktop installer from the Lunar canary image.
  • Submitted an MP add Canoncal Ubuntu QA team to the list of teams in ubuntu-archive-tools.


  • Reviews of candidate essays.
  • Administrative work.
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  • Review PR for upgrade quirk from bionic for FIPS enabled systems


  • Restore reboot required notification to update-notifier
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  • Still working on the Rust toolchain upgrade:
    • rustc 1.63 and cargo 0.64 have been uploaded to lunar-proposed
    • rustc 1.62.1 and cargo 0.64 are currently building for kinetic, jammy, focal and bionic in the dedicated security PPA, with 1.63 waiting for those builds to finish.
  • Code reviews:
  • Sponsored s390-tools SRUs for a whole range of bugs on Focal, Jammy and Kinetic
  • Hiring interviews & take-home tests
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  • Merged bogl from Debian


  • API: Fixing the issues found during the first round of code review (PR#298)
  • Worked on users bug reports
  • Fixed a crash on netplan ip leases reported by a user (PR#301)
  • Continued the work on the migration from Nose to Pytest (PR#302)
  • Code review for @slyon (PR#300)
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  • Implemented a (hacky, image-specific) means of ensuring the Pi desktop image leaves space for LUKS on root
  • Responded to initramfs-tools merge review from @vorlon; ready for re-review/sponsorship (LP: #1988418)
  • Finished sbuild merge (LP: #1998479), but one test to fix; @bdrung has kindly offered to review+sponsor
  • Sponsored u-boot-nezha for @xypron (LP: #1998197)
  • u-boot verification on Pi
  • Tests+interviews
  • Pi meetings
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  • Finished with strace update to 5.19
  • Sent the crypto configuration spec and started the review-answer loop
  • Starting on the openssl merge
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  • cryptsetup: fixed autopackagetests, they should run again except cryptroot-lvm and cryptdisks.
    working on getting cryptroot-lvm running again.
  • gmp: starting on merge
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