FOSSASIA Summit 2024 Recap!

Last week, FOSSASIA Summit 2024 was held. Unlike past editions, this time was in Hanoi, Vietnam. With that, the event was even larger then last year’s event. resulting around 5K participants on-site.

Just like last year, I’ve organized booth for Korean FOSS communities once again. I also tried to get a booth for Ubuntu community, but due to space limitation, I were not able to do this time.

Most of my activities done at the booth were of course promoting Ubuntu and Korean LoCo’s activities. But we also promoted DebConf24 which will be happening in Busan this summer. I was able to meet many new faces interested in Ubuntu and also interested to join DebConf in Busan.

And, of course. I’ve also put many efforts on promoting UbuCon Asia 2024 happening in Jaipur, India this year :slight_smile:

This year, I also had a privilege to give a talk in Main hall! My talk was about my experience around building Kiosk with Flutter and Ubuntu Frame. You may refer to these links if you’re interested. A day after giving my talk, I’ve been also contacted by @till-kamppeter and he provided me many useful advises which i should definitely try on my free time :slight_smile:


Since I was mostly at booth or hallway track, I didn’t join many talks, but enjoyed every talks I’ve joined. such as “Raising the bar on your presentation” by Rich Bowen, “Level up your UI design skills the “developer way”” by Pablo Ruiz-Múzquiz, “Golang Korea’s strategy to tap more Gophers (tentative)” by Ga-in Choi, “Empowering OpenStack Upstream Development in Korea” by Seongsoo Cho & Yoonso Lim, “The state of open source communities in Taiwan” by Toomore Chiang and more.

If you haven’t been to FOSSASIA yet, I would say it’s definitely worth attending. With this year’s even larger scale (5K participants!) It’s really good place to meet open source folks in general across Asia.

My trip to FOSSASIA Summit 2024 this year was sponsored through Community Donations Funding. Thank you Community team for funding my travel and folks who contributed to Donations funding :slight_smile:


This Looks pretty Great.

congratulations to all for that great work