Flying Cars ? Could canonical get involved in the technology?

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Startup backed by Tesla investor promises $300,000 flying car by 2025
How can Canonical make “Flying cars” more ! ‘Security within a container as a snap or even LXD’ ??
This market is now endless, Startup backed by Tesla for now, What is next ?
This is the start-up company
“Could Canonical invest & strive in this Technology”
‘We as only ask Canonical Developers if all can_ rise to this
challenge’ What about software involved to implement long
distance travel with a “flying car” ?

We Know Ubuntu Core has came a long ways.
Is it possible for Canonical with Ubuntu,
solve all the security problems associated, and the needed
open source platform required[containerized] ??

We will be watching… for the News

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Maybe this is the answer to communicating to work and home in our future.

That would be @bernard010. Let’s see what happens in future.

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