Firefox Snap Testing 2021-2022

Hi everyone,
I can see that with Firefox snap we can use /etc/firefox/policies folder to store company policies (as explained here How to customize the firefox snap with enterprise policies)
I was able to get some policies applied but I am not able to install any certificates in Firefox certificate store as explained here
I tried using only filename with certificates installed in /usr/lib/mozilla/certificates but also a full path to certificates I put in /etc/firefox/certificates folder. No luck in both cases :frowning:
Anybody knows where I should put the certificates I want to be added to Firefox certificate store automatically ?

You will need to put the certificates in a place where the snap can see them, e.g. a sub-folder under /etc/firefox/policies, or under $SNAP_COMMON (which resolves to /var/snap/firefox/common/).

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Has anyone been able to understand the issue reported here:

I know it is not a snap issue, but it won’t stop people from pointing fingers to snap nonetheless. And it is a real issue that Mozilla should address.

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thanks @oSoMoN , I managed to get this working by adding the full path in policies.json to my certificates installed in /etc/firefox/policies/certificates/ folder I created.

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NTLM SSO (Single-Sign-On) won’t work with snap version.
I had to uninstall snap and install classic version according to this article:
to bring back SSo functionality.

did you file a bug with logs and snappy-debug output so this can be fixed (after all i assume reporting bugs and testing to improve the release is the reason users use an alpha or beta release) ?


There is already issue filed regarding SSO: 21.10 was not alpha nor beta release. Revert to classic deb package was much simpler in 21.10, but fortunately we still have option to revert it in 22.04.

Here’s an example of the video output glitching out:

snap run firefox
in x2go (from the nigtly x2go PPA, using X2GoKDrive or not) on XFCE / 22.04 returns
/user.slice/user-1000.slice/session-N.scope is not a snap cgroup
where N is a low integer.
Firefox does not start.

It seems that modal windows in Firefox don’t follow the light/dark theme preference.

I reported the bug here:

Keyboard layout with dead keys not working either (English intl with AltGr dead keys) in the snap, while it works in other GNOME applications.

Make sure that xdg-desktop-portal-gnome is installed. I don’t think the other portals support the light/dark theme yet. It’s not a Firefox issue since the save dialog isn’t provided by Firefox itself.

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It is installed, I just checked.

Should I report the bug against that package on launchpad? Can anyone else reproduce the bug or is a problem on my install?

Bug reported against xdg-desktop-portal here:

Sorry if this was already discussed. I notice that firefox is using an old version of mesa when running snapped. In about:support I get Mesa 21.0.3 (almost a year old and unsupported), while the default 22.04 install brings Mesa 22.0.1.

It is not a problem for my PC as far as I can see, but it may be a problem for people using newer GPUs.

this will solve itself once the firefox snap can move to base: core22, core22 is just not released to stable yet, but should be soon …


This, and the availability of the corresponding GNOME platform snap, gnome-42-2204.

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… and the availability of the gnome-42 extension in snapcraft :slight_smile:

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Looks like something screwed up, last update I got was GTK themes for snap. And now it looks like FF is ganky looking. Light with blue has Adwaita looking theme, light with Orange looks like old mixed Yaru and dark with any accent color looks like Adwaita dark. None of them take the accent colors.
Edit: I am on Ubuntu 22.04.
Screenshot from 2022-05-04 19-54-23 Screenshot from 2022-05-04 19-54-10 Screenshot from 2022-05-04 19-53-56

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Does it look different if you refresh your gtk-common-themes to candidate or beta?

I’ve been using those two channels because the stable version is from