Firefox Snap Testing 2021-2022

  1. I’m really not interested in any flamewars. :wink: So let’s stick to this exact question…

Is there a list of known issues with the new Firefox Snap? I assume there are a number of quirks etc… ?


I think the best place to look up such things is the Mozilla Bugtracker.

The development takes place in the upstream project, and so this is the canonical resource for snap related issues.


Indeed the upstream bug tracker is the right place. Note that there’s a meta bug for snap issues. Filing bugs against the Ubuntu package in Launchpad is also OK, we’ll triage and convert to upstream bugs as appropriate.

There are indeed quirks and regressions compared to the deb package, and we intend to work towards fixing as many as possible in time for Ubuntu 22.04, so bug reports are welcome!


It generally works fine, but the issues I’ve come across are:

  1. it complains about “ptrace” access if you look in dmesg
  2. Video acceleration is blocked
  3. Gnome extensions interface is blocked

2 is being fixed I think

Not a known problem, would you mind filing a bug to have it looked at?

This is a known bug, for which a fix is being prepared.

Also a known bug, which is actively being worked on, although the solution is more complex as it involves multiple components. But it is on the priority list.

The link to the bug report is broken. Which bug tracker should I use?

Sorry, my bad, I fixed the link now (we use the upstream bug tracker). Thanks in advance!

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Hello @oSoMoN,

There is also a bug in Expressvpn addon on firefox snap version it doesn’t communicate with the installed expressvpn cli app.
I think this bug is similar to gnome-extension bug.

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Following problems are common to Firefox snap and .deb in Wayland:

Currently I cannot delete bookmarks. It will crash instantly when I do so.

Is this still the case with version 97.0-2 that was promoted to the stable channel yesterday?
If so, can you please file a bug?

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I’ve been trying to use Firefox Snap as daily driver on 20.04 for weeks .

it is nowhere near ready for production

Maybe for 24.04 but don’t do that for 22.04

can you elaborate (preferably by filing bugs) ?
just making such a statement without pointing at any actual issues is not very constructive and will not help solving the problems you see …


I know it is not , and I would not state that if I haven’t tried for weeks .

Some are :

  • No more file selection dialogs
  • Crash Twice per day ( and multiple windows are lost ) : I know a snapd fix is coming

Sorry but 22.04 is very important to us and I see the thousands of clients in august 2022 calling us to ask how to get a working firefox back .

I feel like for chromium this was too much in a rush .

how will I tell people to install gnome extensions in 22.04 ?

well, none of these three are new issues and all are being worked on (you can follow this in the forum and on the respective bugs), 22.04 is still two months away (and along with this snap packages are not bound to the underlying OS at all, so fixes will constantly flow in even after release)…

mozilla explicitly asked for this change and i think this should be respected …


@osomon I am not on the stable channel but the good news is that the problem was still there with 97b3 but got fixed apparently in the meantime.

All is fine now, thank you a lot :pray:

And sorry for the late response. I wrote it but I seem to have forgotten to send it.

The Ubuntu MATE QA team have reported that the Firefox snap doesn’t function in a Guest Session:


Firefox (snap and flatpak) crashes after wakeup when an extension like ubuntu-dock or dash-to-panel is enabled. Works fine without those extensions.

Also the tabs do not seem to be draggable.


All these problems are still here in Ubuntu 22.04 with Wayland session: