Feedback regarding new site

Hi there, Sam from Discourse.

Just a few notes:

letter avatar proxy is playing up, I would disable it ASAP and either point letters directly at us or figure out why it is having issue proxying letter images. As a QUICK workaround you can just default people to use the same avatar by default.

eg: takes forever to load and this is causing huge issues on the site.


Your link is a 404:

Also having issues switching to a gravatar, something is off here, maybe the web server can not talk to the outside world?

Overall :clap: for the move! Really hope this community takes off!


Thanks @sam. I’ve set the avatar URL directly to{first_letter}/{color}/{size}.png for the moment, that okay? Do you have known IP ranges for the avatar servers, so we can get the holes punched through the firewall, as you’re right it can’t talk to the outside world beyond what we specify.

I filed a bug for the issue with - good spot, thanks!

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I have filed an RT with Canonical IS about the avatars loading. RT 106312

Edit: Seems this is now fixed, thanks @deej !


Using avatars direct is fine we designed it for large scale use, we added the proxy config cause some people had concerns about tracking (not that we even store logs for avatars but yeah, concerns)

You are going to have to punch through a lot more than avatars though:

:arrow_double_up: that button is broken cause gravatars are not punched through, look up by IP in admin is broken as well.

Also every onebox is not pretty like it should be:

^^^ This times out over and over causing a mini DOS, which is far from ideal.

It should look like:

Other major issue, you got to put a CDN in front of your S3 (just add cloudfront to the mix or whatever), S3 is not a CDN loading images is slow and expensive. (once you add the CDN via site settings be sure to do a full rebake)

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Thanks. I’ve added that to our internal ticket.

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Update Discourse to latest, will fix security issues.

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