Documentation Office Hours 24th May 2024

Discourse vs Sphinx

We cover the recent planning discussions we’ve had and the new updates to the forum. We then go through a live demonstration of editing both Discource-based documentation, and documentation built from the Sphinx-Starter-Pack:

00:05 Introduction
00:03 Madrid updates
01:30 Office Hours index
02:50 Office Hours schedule
03:20 Office Hours ideas
07:30 Live demo of recent posts
08:40 Discourse-based documentation
10:00 Editing a Discourse post
12:20 discedit
15:03 Documentation starter pack (Sphinx)
16:30 Makefiles
17:20 make run
19:00 Live preview of documentation
22:15 Adding new documents to the index
25:00 Testing Documentation
27:20 Tracking changes on Discourse
28:50 Managing contributors on Discourse