Desktop Team Updates - Monday 9th December 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

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Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 2nd December 2019

  • ZFS:
    • Continue with the refactoring of the code and the test suite
  • Upgrade testing:
    • Fixing upgrades to focal
    • defined the objectives for this cycle
      • snap packages
      • Reenable debconf prompt checks
      • HWE and proprietary drivers (nVidia)
      • Server upgrades (LAMP, ssh)
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4 day week - away Monday.

libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

  • Prep for this week’s 6.3.4 release.
  • Created and uploaded a banner image to the store.

Snapcraft snaps


Bluetooth_FM_Color Prepared and tested a BlueZ 5.52 release for focal (awaiting sponsorship)

:house: Catching up on other housekeeping from November:

  • Reviewed/updated over 300 bugs that changed while I was away.
  • Sprint travel planning
  • Completed 8 training courses. Will finish the rest this week.
  • PulseAudio git tidying for bionic and xenial

GnomeLogo Gnome Shell:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Backlog tracking



  • continue with the refactoring in a separate branch and add more tests.
  • tackle some bugs in the underlying go-libzfs library and investigate. Proposed an upstream PR and decided to not let them handling children as this lead to bugs.


  • some HR stuff
  • I was off all last week
  • Looked into a pango issue affecting GTK’s reftests, not made much progress, pango is hard
  • Looked at what has happened with i386, seems like we grew a lot of deltas over Debian that need to be integrated :frowning:
  • Checked in with upstream on the fix for applications being killed when the shell crashes, progress was made over the last week, should be something to review this week
  • Worked with IS on getting the desktop team a dedicated machine to do VM based boot speed monitoring, making good progress
  • Arranged some travel
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  • spent most of the week on autopkgtests
    • worked on unblocking the new pylint, fixed pytest-pylint to work with the new version
    • backported more fixes to yt
    • reported some issues to debian
    • got h5py to migrate
    • updated link-grammar to a newer version fixing tests
    • deleted some i386 binaries blocking migrations
    • rebuilds for the liblouis transition
    • other fixes (rddtools, testpath, libosfx, img2pdf, liscout, python-pyeclib), rebuilds and hints
  • sponsored cargo fixes to xenial/disco for Olivier
  • launchpads bugs triaging
  • trello board reviews, trying to get things in shape of the cycle
  • reported a launchpad bug about package diffs missing on some syncs
  • uploaded a console-setup to use again fr+oss as default french layout (seems like the delta was dropped and the installer default to fr+latin9 in some cases now)
  • fixed some build failures (lomoco, dconf)bb
  • cups-filters: Solved the problem of cups-browsed not assigning destination printers to jobs to cups-browsed-generated print queues when it is busy creating queues for thousands of remote printers (Upstream issue #163).
  • cups-filters: Improved fallback mechanism of the get-printer-attributes IPP request handling in cups-browsed, to correctly support some buggy IPP printers (Upstream issue #22).
  • cups-filters: White-space and indentation clean-up in contributed code.
  • OpenPrinting web site: Merged some pull requests. Now news items appear on the front page.
  • Avahi: Trent Lloyd has posted on the localhost issue. I have answered to his post. This also raised the idea in me to let cups-browsed use DNS-SD-service-name-based device URIs for the remote printers. I will implement this soon.
  • Linux Plumbers Conference 2019 in Lisbon: Videos of the microconferences are now officially linked on the web site.
  • Bugs.

firefox24 firefox

  • 71.0+build5 update was published to bionic, disco, eoan, focal
  • continued investigating miscompilation issues on xenial with clang 6: successfully backported clang 8.0 to xenial in a PPA and rebuilt firefox against it, now working with the security team to make this reproducible for security updates

thunderbird24 thunderbird

chromium22 chromium

  • investigated and fixed a regression in html5test in chromium 80 in the dev channel, it turns out this is caused by the removal of the Web Components V0 APIs from chromium
  • updated beta to 79.0.3945.74
  • updating dev to 80.0.3983.2
  • Short week, used two vacation days
  • snap-store testing
  • USN Refreshes
  • Rebased xournalpp snap on the upstream stable branch, ported to use the snapcraft extension and did some testing

Only few days at work, as Friday on holidays and Monday as shifted national holiday.


  • Various reviews of other upstream contributions
  • Continued review of fprintd changes
  • Merged delayed state machine actions [MR]
  • Fixed lots of C errors/warnings making the CFLAGS strictier moving code around [MR, merged]
  • Created a docker image for testing and building libfprint reducing the time and CI usage [MR, merged]
  • Only build flatpak on requests and on master commits [MR, merged]
  • Use named state-machines (debug for drivers writers) [MR, merged]
  • Split libfprint in a private shared lib and added unit tests for it [branch]
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