Desktop Team Updates - Monday 16th December 2019

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

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Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 9th December 2019


  • gedit snap, fixed build issues in master and added stage packages needed for gedit-plugins in the gnome-3-34 branch
  • desktop helpers: Backported performance improvements from the snapcraft extension to the helpers, ~30-50% improvement on desktop-launch
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Short week (3 days only):

ZSYS, with jibel:

  • finished refactorizing of zfs layer, now merged in master:
    • wrote an abstraction for our go-libzfs and adapt tests to it.
    • wrote our mock and ensure existing tests are all passing.
    • dynamically choose between “real” zfs, exercising go-libzfs entirely or our mocks. Both suite of tests are passing with one or the other, and as such, all our future higher level tests (machines, daemons…) would be able to run either with the mock (fast tests) or on the real systems, exercising the whole stack in zsys code every time.
    • adapt machines, daemons and other layers to the new API.
  • Transition to focal Go 1.13. Uploaded syncthing to unblock test failures after some analyses of the root cause and the best action to fix the issue.
    • Cf Didrock’s report
    • Continued with machine tests
  • Upgrades
    • Continued with fixing upgrade tests to focal

Bluetooth_FM_Color BlueZ 5.52 released to focal, thanks Seb.

GnomeLogo Gnome Shell:

:beetle: Release bugs:

:gear: Other:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Backlog tracking


4 day week - away Monday.

libreoffice24-margin libreoffice

Snapcraft snaps

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Some more vacation…

  • Lots of refactoring of libfprint to allow testability and lib splitting [MR, merged]
  • Added lots of tests, fixed various issues found while writing units
  • Tested packages for bug #1756826, might have found an issue with calculator though :confused:
  • autopkgtests
    • i386 cross build fixes (gtk+2.0, libproxy, libssh, libwacom, libsoup2.4, libinput, libsecret, raqm, libvncserver, mir)
    • rebuilds for the libgps new soname
    • fixed the libhandy build test for the new version
  • Packaging
    • fixed the poppler package build in focal (using python3 now)
    • fixed the pulseaudio package build in focal (fallout from snapd-glib .pc changes)
    • fixed a libvncviewer missing -dev depends
    • updated the valgrind packaging to install the dh_view tools
    • updated the gstreamer plugins that needed to be merged with Debian
    • fixed the ace, tuxguitar, ruby-sigar builds in focal
  • Reviews/sponsoring
    • reviewed wslu proposed SRU changes
    • sponsored bluez 5.52/focal for Daniel
    • helped reverting a pulseaudio SRU update to xenial/bionic which started pulling in snapd via a Recommends (which is going to be lowered to a Suggests)
    • sponsored backport-iwlwifi-dkms and reprotest oem team fixes
    • sponsored the pulseaudio update from Daniel to revert the hdmi source autoswitch behaviour
  • Found that I couldn’t boot a focal daily ISO in qemu, turned out to be two bugs which I spent quite some time bisecting, investigating, discussing & fixing
  • Some upstream reviews for gnome-session
  • Got gtk3 tested after the above bug was worked around, then uploaded that
  • Demoed the staging autopkgtest environment to the rest of the autopkgtest team, discussed a plan to roll it out
    • Announce before the end of the year that it’ll take place (downtime of up to a day)
    • Do it in early Jan
  • Some other discussions around python plans for 20.04
  • Re-tested and re-backported glib2.0 for eoan, thx to @seb128 for pointing out the i386 failure

firefox24 firefox

  • rebuilt clang 8.0 xenial backport in ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa, and firefox 71.0+build5 against it, to fix the miscompilation problem on xenial, and it was published to xenial-{updates,security} by the security team
  • really fixed the problem with build timestamps preventing clean upgrades in beta branches
  • updated unity-menubar.patch for firefox 72 beta, but when testing I observed that when opening one of the menus the menubar gets duplicated in the window (thus resizing the webcontents), so this requires further work

thunderbird24 thunderbird

  • 68.2.2 was published to {bionic,eoan}-security

chromium22 chromium

snapcraft24 snaps

  • prepared and delivered a talk on snaps at the Barcelona Free Software Meetup

package24 other

  • booked flights for FOSDEM
  • cups-filters: Use DNS-SD-service-name-based URIs (like for example ipp://Deskjet%202540%20series%20%5BBR54BFB02C05XK%5D._ipp._tcp.local/) instead of the conventional host-name-based ones (ipp://localhost:60000/ipp/print/) in cups-browsed and the driverless utility. With these URIs we need not to worry about network interfaces and ports (see also the Avahi localhost issue. This is especially useful for Printer Applications (emulations of IPP printers on localhost).
  • cups-filters: Moved function to poll the printer’s capabilities from cups-browsed into libcupsfilters so that also the driverless utility can make use of all the recent fixes and improvements.
  • cups-filters: Lots of bug fixes in the “implicitclass” CUPS backend (the backend to dispatch jobs sent to cups-browsed-generated queues to the destination printer in the cluster).
  • cups-filters: Released 1.26.0 with all the fixes and improvements of this week and last week.
  • cups-filters: Investigated slowness of cups-browsed when discovering very many remote printers from a server via BrowsePoll
  • Driverless scanning: Discovered that all multi-function devices which print via Apple AirPrint scan via Apple AirScan, supporting the eSCL protocol. A new SANE backend for this got added to SANE upstream. Discussed it on the SANE developer mailing list. This is not IPP driverless scanning.
  • Monthly OpenPrinting phone meeting, posted the OpenPrinting News for December 2019 on the OpenPrinting web site.
  • OpenPrinting web site: Posted also an article about the OpenPrinting Mini Summit at IIT Mandi, India.
  • Trello board: Posted roadmap of switching Ubuntu 20.04 over to snap-based CUPS.
  • Bugs

PulseAudio snap module:

  • The updates for bionic and xenial transitioned from -proposed to -updates, which showed up a problem bug #1856054. In essence, installing the update would trigger the install of snapd on systems that didn’t have snapd installed or the user had explicitly removed snapd.
  • Due to this, the update has been withdrawn from -updates.
  • The underlying cause was that the snapd-glib library included a Recommends: snapd dependency. Robert has updated that package to use a weaker Suggests: dependency, which should let us promote the pulseaudio updates again.

GLib document portal support tests:

  • One of the changes we want to make to upstream GLib is to automatically export documents via the document portal when launching a snap application. One of the requirement was to add more tests, which was difficult due to there being no tests for the existing document portal support code.
  • I wrote some tests for that code, and after a few rounds of review this is fairly close to merging as GLib MR !1111. This ended up including some clean ups for the existing GLib code as the maintainers weren’t particularly happy with it holding on to a reference to the D-Bus connection via a global variable.

snapd pull requests:

  • I’ve been working on updating the user daemons pull request ready for review again now that the relevant session agent component is mostly solid. There is still a need to get the service control PR merged ahead of this.
  • I also need to get a more detailed review of PR #7588, which will be needed to improve snap support in xdg-desktop-portal.