Desktop Team Updates - Monday 5th December 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 28th November 2022

  • Started working on the incorporation of Ubuntu Pro in software-properties.


  • Fixed failure to use the key ring to encrypt saved passwords — which also caused passwords to be irretrievable.
    • Right now only on stable/password and beta/password channels; To be released in the main channels once a seamless transition is laid out.
    • Reported Seahorse possible bug on the way.
  • Major version number bumped in all channels.
    • Snap tested and released to stable.
    • Bionic deb builds (only waiting Arm64…) with a single new patch.

Once again a short week for me as I was off on friday.


  • Continued with abstracting Ubuntu WSL’s Azure testbed setup into a set of reusable Github actions ubuntu/WSL #322. Github actions’ change, commit, push, run CI iteration loop certainly doesn’t make for fast development.
  • Mostly done refactoring End-to-end testing framework to be more idiomatic.

GoWSL module

  • Finished major refactor (mostly in the test code). I consider that the module is large enough for this to be the last push to main. From now on, everything will go through a PR.
  • Created a very basic CI GoWSL #6, GoWSL #8
  • Implemented stdout/stderr redirection GoWSL #7
  • Continued implementing Stdin redirection GoWSL #4
  • Catching up after conferences, vacation and still recovering from COVID.
  • Reviewed and triaged hundreds of bugs. Backlog stats are here. Special shout out to Paul White for continuing to shrink the Xorg backlog.
  • Migrated development to Lunar.
  • Packaged and tested BlueZ 5.66 for Lunar.
  • Reworked and retested multi-GPU crash fix mutter!2674.
  • PSA: The NVIDIA CPU/lag bug finally has a fix in driver 525.


I’ve started adding some functionality regarding lxd projects:


Desktop Installer




I am working from Brazil now until end of January, UTC -03 time zone. :brazil:

  • CUPS Snap: Updated to build with the new generation of cups-filters which is split into libcupsfilters, libppd, cups-filters, and cups-browsed. in snapcraft.yaml created new parts, build order relationships, distributed ./configure options, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that later parts find the libraries of earlier parts, … (commit) Now the Snap builds again and is released as 2.4.2-5.
  • libcupsfilters: Investigated the bugs in the filter functions cfFilterGhostscript() , cfFilterPDFToPDF(), and cfTextToPDF() which I mentioned here last week. Turned out that all are caused by missing page dimension information when no printer IPP attributes (PPD file if classic CUPS filter wrapper is used) are supplied. Fixed this by now accepting any specification of media size/properties given as options or job attributes when no printer attributes are given and defaulting to US Letter when not even any specification of the page size got found (main commit, commit, commit, commit).
  • libppd: Added a NULL check to prevent the ppdFilterEmitJCL() function from crashing when no PPD file is supplied. The function adds JCL (PJL) commands to PDF print jobs when they are sent to a (non-driverless-IPP) PDF printer (commit).
  • PAPPL: Michael Sweet has released 1.3.0. It contains important features like string option support in the web interface, automatic A4/Letter default page size selection by location information, and a lot more … Now I really need to update pappl-retrofit and the 4 retro-fitting Printer Applications.
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: The recordings of my 2 panel sessions, the Snap tutorial series intro and the OpenPrinting Community panel, got edited and everything is audible. Thanks a lot to @ilvipero with his editing work!! Public links are not yet available, but the videos should appear on YouTube in the next days. And I got a hint from @degville about the great interview of @kenvandine he has taken in the Late Night Linux podcast, episode 203, starting at minute 13:55 up to the end.
  • Bugs.
  • Ubuntu
    • reported a MIR for libcloudproviders, it is incomplete for now though since upstream doesn’t provide build tests which is a requirement for promotion. Also the installed tests provided could be set up as autopkgtest but seems to iterate forever so would need to also be updated to work as expected.
    • Debian merges
    • Updates (deja-dup)
  • SRU
    • requested a review of the webp-pixbuf-loader MIR for 22.04 since we would to enable webp support by default also there.
    • did the same for libwpe and wpebackends as we would like to build webkitgtk with it also in the LTS since that’s the backend is recommending and 2.39 made it mandatory for wayland
  • snaps
    • tested and promoted thunderbird 102.5.1 to stable
  • Pushed our remaining packaging diff for packagekit to Debian, allowing us to autosync packagekit
  • Verified several Stable Release Updates for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and 22.10
  • Investigated an issue where the network connectivity check stopped working reliably in Ubuntu 22.10. Ultimately, this was a configuration issue on Canonical’s server which has been fixed.
  • Noticed and fixed a minor issue in the NetworkManager packaging
  • Miscellaneous Ubuntu 23.04 packaging: new releases, merges, syncs, sponsoring
  • Retried some autopkgtest failures now that the Ubuntu 23.04 autopkgtest backlog is gone

firefox24 firefox

  • worked on firefox 107.0.1 point release for bionic and focal deb (WIP)
    • bumped version and built locally to test
    • committed, tagged, and pushed version bump to mozillateam bzr repo
    • uploaded updated source package to ubuntu-mozilla-security ppa
    • continuing with running autopkgtests and manual testplan
  • began drafting updated testplan for firefox and a common one for browsers, initially on ubuntu wiki but then converting it for qatracker

Steam Snap

  • Testing the gaming-graphics-core22 content interface version of the Snap
    • A PR for this is open as of today
  • Gamescope part
    • Added an x11 slot for the snap which changes the error slightly, but still not real progress
    • Mostly stagnated due to x11/xwayland related issues