Desktop Team Updates - Monday 12th December 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 5th December 2022

  • I did the upstream release for GNOME 42.7 - this is my first since joining the GNOME Release Team.
  • Updated the Debian/Ubuntu BuildStream package as needed to perform the new GNOME release.
  • Packaged GNOME 43.2 updates for Debian and Ubuntu 23.04
  • Prepared SRUs for Ubuntu 23.04 for GNOME Characters 43.1 and glib which add the new Unicode 15 emoji to the app
  • Prepared stable updates for Debian 11 to fix Evolution and related apps for Google Contacts and Gmail authentication changes. The next point release for Debian 11 is expected in about a week.
  • Next step is working on backporting those fixes to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.
  • Also sponsored an evolution-ews stable update for Debian 11.
  • Triaged Launchpad and Debian bugs for Sushi
  • Filed a MIR for Sushi
  • Did the snapd-glib transition in Debian. The new version of the library uses libsoup3 now.
  • Prepared a proposal for Debian to include the AppIndicator and Desktop Icons NG extensions by default.
  • Cherry-picked a proposed fix for GTK3 app startup regressions.

Other News

  • GTK3 is dropping autotools now that Debian and Ubuntu 23.04 have switched to building GTK3 with meson instead.

(Hopefully) Finalizing implementation of Ubuntu Pro in gnome-initial-setup and software-properties.


Short interrupted week with tuesday and thursday off.


  • Finished refactoring End-to-end testing framework to be more Go idiomatic. WSL #327
  • Continued abstracting Ubuntu WSL ’s Azure testbed setup into a set of reusable Github actions ubuntu/WSL #322


  • Mostly finished Stdout/Stderr redirection mimicking the exec module. GoWSL #7
  • Mostly finished Stdin redirection mimicking the exec module. GoWSL #4

Very short week for me too with only two full work days.



It’s been a while I don’t show up here because I travelled to attend the Engineering Sprint and the Ubuntu Summit, followed by a long period of vacation.


  • Opened a PR to remove the confusing option of switching to a shell during TUI setup. Subiquity #1517.
  • Helped troubleshooting issues blocking the WSL VM encapsulation workflow pull request
  • Started a work to optimize the WSL setup workflow by reducing the number of required pages. First PR on this topic is UDI #1262.


  • Debian
  • uploaded pydrive to Debian as part of python-debian, I initially packaged it for deja-dup in Ubuntu but I’ve no direct interest in it and was waiting for a better maintainer to show up but without success
  • Ubuntu
  • Sponsored an update to the evince apparmor profile to allow access to pxsettings, which is required in some configs to use remote printers. Uploaded to Debian/Lunar/22.04 and SRUed but the SRU got blocked asking for someone to provide steps to trigger the issue (help would be welcome if anyone knows what configuration triggers the bug)
  • Rebased libcamera on the newer Debian upload, reducing some of the delta
  • Debugged the Lunar Desktop ISO not starting after the switch to canary, should be fixed in the next ISO build now
  • Other
    • reviewed langpack cronjob update to enable lunar translations
    • helped resolving translations issue with update-notifier which were blocking the current SRUs round
    • debugged flaky trash tests in gvfs and fixed some of the issues
  • pappl-retrofit: Did the very first release of it, version 1.0b1, in preparation for switching to the New Architecture in Lunar. Before the release, switched to using the new papplLocGetDefaultMediaSizeName() function of PAPPL to determine the default paper size (A4 or Letter) (commit), and made the web interface displaying the actual human-readable strings of the PPD options for the vendor-specific options on the “Printing Defaults” pages (commit).
  • Common Print Dialog Backends (CPDB): Also released the first beta versions of the second generation of the CPDB, cpdb-libs 2.0b1 and cpdb-backend-cups 2.0b1, as part of making the print dialogs ready for the New Architecture to be introduced in Lunar. The changes between 1.x and 2.x have grown out during Gaurav Gulerias awesome GSoC work on adding CPDB support to the GTK and Qt print dialogs, and Gaurav is still working on the upstreamization in GTK and Qt (which also requires these releases).
  • PAPPL: Michael Sweet’s PAPPL 1.3.0 release made it into Phoronix!
  • OpenPrinting: Activated GitHub’s “Discussions” functionality in all the > 30 repositories of OpenPrinting. Should give more possibilities to communicate with the community.
  • Ubuntu Summit 2022: The edited recordings of day 1 are out, thanks a lot, @ilvipero and @aaronprisk for all the hard editing work!! Here is the playlist of all sessions on YouTube. And here is especially @ilvipero’s amazing editing work on my Snap panel “Your app everywhere, just in a Snap!”, where everyone is audible, especially the 7 panelists using one mic lying on the chair in front of them. And there is also the recording of my lightning talk about saving old printers under Windows with WSL, which was the first piece of the content of the Summit which Mark Shuttleworth (@sabdfl) mentioned in the opening. I also added links to the recordings in my November News. And @ilvipero also saved the live-recorded podcast of the Linux Lads! I also discovered further podcasts about the Ubuntu Summit, especially @diogoconstantino and @tcarrondo of Ubuntu Portugal praising my lightning talk and also me (“an exotic, entertaining, and very special person”) and complaining about the printing stack of Windows (“the mess of Windows 3.0”) in episode 221 (in Portuguese).
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: In India the end-of-year exams at the universities/colleges are over and now I am working with our contributors on the upstreamization of their work into GNOME/GTK and KDE/Qt.
  • Bugs.

Desktop Installer




firefox24 firefox

  • bumped firefox snap to 108 series
  • set up and tried using different virtualization servers for running autopkgtest on the firefox deb package for bionic and focal, and tried to debug some issues I ran into
  • made progress on the firefox and common/generic browser testplans


  • started and made progress on MIR for duktape