Desktop Team Updates - Monday 4th July 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 27th June 2022

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Active Directory

  • updated the config.Init API to be able to take in Cobra commands that are not necessarily root commands, and to allow for --config flags that are not persistent on the command
  • merged the windows-daemon branch to adsys (yay!)
  • learnt about PPAs and autopkgtests, adjusted adsys autopkgtests to run tests that require root in a separate command
  • unified the packages that require sudo in a .sudo-packages file that is now read by both autopkgtests and GH Actions
  • debugged and fixed a couple of issues that came up during local autopkgtests

:fireworks: Updated the GNOME Stable Release Update microrelease exception proposal with a simplified base set (which we then make some exceptions on top of)
:fireworks: Asked the maintainer of to use the Debian package names instead of the GNOME name which makes it a little easier to read and understand from a Debian and Ubuntu perspective.
:fireworks: Prepared the mozjs91 security update for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
:fireworks: Uploaded the gstreamer 1.20.3 stable release updates for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS to the review queue
:fireworks: Troubleshooting and fixing a RTL issue in Ubuntu 22.10’s gnome-control-center 42 which ended up being caused by completely missing gtk4 translations. Thanks Seb for the help here. This will be fixed for Ubuntu 22.04.1.
:fireworks: Updated the Sushi by default proposal to let people know that it won’t make it into 22.10 but hopefully will land later.
:fireworks: Started a discussion with GNOME about VNC sharing support. I think we should disable VNC for 22.10 now that RDP is working well in 22.04 LTS and we labeled our VNC support as a Legacy option there.
:fireworks: A RDP fix landed for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. Brian posted an ubuntu-devel message about how bug verification was completed for it.
:fireworks: Uploaded Ubuntu’s session-migration helper to Debian’s NEW queue. There was a suggestion to rename the package names. :man_shrugging:
:fireworks: Miscellaneous bugfixing for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and packaging for 22.10

Work Done by Others

:partying_face: easyeffects landed in Debian and Ubuntu 22.10
:partying_face: There is a merge proposal for the rhythmbox arm64 test failure
:partying_face: An initial preferences dialog mockup for the Console app was posted
:partying_face: Some mockups for Simple Scan were posted too

  • Chromium snap
    Hardware accelerated video decoding via the Intel media driver finally works,
    but probably only recent enough processors support it. Testing is welcome.
  • Thunderbird snap
    Automatic profile migration from $HOME to $SNAP_USER_COMMON for those coming from the deb to the snap.
  • Transition to Poppler 22.06
    Prepared several debdiffs with the patches that still haven’t reached the reverse dependencies (on upstream or Debian).
  • Set up autopkgtests for webp-pixbuf-loader.
  • Patch for gnome-shell bug.
  • Debian updates for evolution{,-data-server,-ews}.

WSL - Upgrader policy

  • Continued writing spec on how to automatically set an upgrader policy on Ubuntu WSL
  • Partially implemented it

WSL - Apport

  • Wrote spec on how to send apport bugs reported from WLS to the Github repo
  • Wrote sample program to automatically open issues in Github

WSL - New update notifications

  • Wrote spec on how to notify users a new update is available in WSL (without systemd)
  • Wrote sample implementation

Desktop Installer

LXD Toolbox



Migrated to Core22/Gnome-42 (still with some minor problems with the icons) the snaps for:

  • Snap-store
  • Gnome-calculator
  • Gnome-text-editor
  • Gnome-system-monitor

Added libadwaita to Gnome-42-SDK

Proposal and first patch for adding groups support in dependencies for snapcraft.


firefox24 firefox

  • prepared and tested 102.0 update and handed over to the security team, now published to all supported releases
  • continued writing unit tests for my native messaging patch and addressed upstream review comments
  • successfully tested an upstream patch to ensure only the relevant locale is copied on very first run of the snap, thus reducing significantly the startup time of the application

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 103.0.5060.53 and handed over to the security team
  • cherry picked a fix for webp-pixbuf-loader on big endian architectures
  • reviewed and sponsored the autopkgtest added to webp-pixbuf-loader by Nathan
  • uploaded the brltty SRU to handle better the conflicts with serial adapters
  • added a delta to lerc to not use dpkg-gensymbols -c0 by MIR review request
  • worked on changing the initial setup livepatch page to use the new ua infrastructure as software-properties is doing
  • debugged RTL issues reported on kinetic, turned out we don’t have gtk4 translations installed…
  • spent some more time figuring out why launchpad wasn’t importing the gtk translations once the package was fixed, turned out to be due by launchpad template sharing to be enabled
  • then poked at why the po-properties translation weren’t imported, turned out to be due to a bug in the gtk meson target, fixed by using the make-pot script instead
  • promoted the thunderbird 102 snap to stable
  • helped testing chromium snap changes to get videa acceleration rendering working
  • spent some time debugging vaapi and chromium

Active Directory

  • Final reviews/suggestions and merge on Windows daemon

Azure Active Directory

  • Prototype a PAM and a NSS module for logon on with AAD
  • cups-filters: Continued with restructuring towards the cups-filters 2.x release, continuing replacing direct PPD file access in the filter functions by converting PPD options and attributes to IPP printer attributes and control options in the ppdFilterLoadPPD() function (which calls ppdLoadAttributes()) in libppd. Completed the conversion of cfFilterGhostscript() and converted also cfFilterImageToRaster() and cfFilterImageToPDF(), where the latter shares the code for adding JCL/PJL for (classic) native PDF printers with the cfFilterPDFToPDF() filter function now.Also had a look into the cfFilter...ToPS() filter functions but they will not get converted but completely moved over to libppd, considering not only PPD files obsolete but also the PostScript format (at least when not used in a PostScript printer driver with PPD).
  • OpenPrinting: Planned on a blog/write-up about what the OpenPrinting project has done and is currently doing. This was suggested by @local-optimum some weeks ago after we got someone asking what Canonical is doing for printing with Linux. My plan is to write up in one article what our most important achievements are and what we are currently working on and connect this with the already existing article “OpenPrinting - How did this all begin?” (where I have added links and fixed some minor errors now), The main article will also contain many links, to the Indaba, Office Hours, Linux Plumbers. LAS 2022, … Both articles will then get linked to the “About Us” page on the OpenPrinting web site.
  • Open Source Summit Europe 2022: As I am fellow of the Linux Foundation I get free admission to this (and any other) Linux Foundation conference, independent whether my talk proposals get accepted or not (and whether I propose a talk at all).
  • Google Summer of Code 2022: The 8 contributors are doing well in their projects and some have reported about their work so for in the Telegram channel, so that I can post this in the July News later this week or early next week.
  • OpenPrinting: Monthly video meeting.
  • Bugs.

Steam Snap

  • Added new Mesa from
  • (hopefully) Fixed this issue by coping LD cache, since some games override what is set for LD_LIBRARY_PATH
  • I’ll look to see if we can get some of these changes into the core-22 version of Steam as well :slight_smile:


  • Fixed a regression causing the OOBE to fail if the working directory was not $SNAP/bin. PR 952
  • Ported the ubuntu_wsl_splash slide show to the ubuntu_wsl_setup package of the UDI project as a new wizard page. PR 954
  • Implemented an entry point for the OOBE to run on Windows. PR 969
  • Started coding the platform event listener that will allow the OOBE to be notified once the distro registration is complete.


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