Proposal: Sushi installed by default as file previewer

I propose that we install gnome-sushi by default.

Sushi is a file previewer for nautilus. It can be activated by pressing the spacebar when a file is selected. Sushi has been a part of core GNOME since GNOME 3.2. It is described in the default user help bundled with GNOME. (The Ubuntu docs are modified to mention that it needs to be installed before using it.)

Other info

I proposed this years ago but never finished following up. One change since then is that Sushi no longer uses musicbrainz so there are no dependencies in universe any more.


Thanks, jbicha. I just installed it, and I like it after playing with it for a couple of minutes. It is making me think… weren’t there more file preview functions built into Nautilus in the past? It seems that MacOS has had this covered for a long time, so It would be great that we had something predictable and dependable in Ubuntu as well. I had to look for Sushi in Synaptic. It didn’t show up anywhere else.


I am going to defer this proposal to the 23.04 release cycle. This is a busy release cycle with other more important changes we’re making that require review as part of Ubuntu’s Main Inclusion Process. And we’ve been busy fixing bugs for the Ubuntu 22.04.1 milestone.


Also, Desktop Icons already has support for Sushi…


I just installed it on Ubuntu 22.10 and it seems a very useful app.


Well this is nice. I don’t currently have gnome-sushi installed and I highlighted a file on my desktop and pressed the space bar and got a notification to install it. Nice touch. :smiley:

Any updates on this? Hope this can be done for Ubuntu 23.10!

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Ubuntu 23.10 is even missing LibreOffice and you want gnome-sushi?
see: Rethinking Ubuntu Desktop: a more thoughtful default installation