Desktop Team Updates - Monday 25th July 2022

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 18th July 2022

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Desktop installer


Subiquity (client)


P.S. I’ll be on vacation for the next two weeks. :tent:






firefox24 firefox

chromium22 chromium

  • updated stable to 103.0.5060.134
  • updating beta to 104.0.5112.57
  • updating dev to 105.0.5191.2
  • per request from Opera, updated chromium-ffmpeg to 105.0.5176.3, and published to the candidate channel, pending validation on their end

I had a wonderful week at DebConf and am on my way back home now.

:airplane: I led one discussion (Debian GNOME metapackages #286) and gave two other talks (Ubuntu & Debian GNOME working together #60 and What’s New in GNOME since the last Debian Stable release #186). You can download the videos at . They will be mirrored to YouTube later.

:airplane: This was my first DebConf and I had many useful conversations with people I had only interacted with remotely before. But many of the great conversations were with others who were also attending their first DebConf.

:airplane: I mentored someone’s first official Debian package where it’s now in the Debian NEW queue.

:airplane: Completed the complicated phodav/spice-gtk/etc transition for Ubuntu 22.10 and wrote up some notes in case they help other distros.

:airplane: Added some useful keywords to the .desktop for the new GNOME Text Editor for improved discoverability from the Activities Overview.

:airplane: Helped a bit with coordination of the libnotify 0.8.1 release which fixed an accidental compatibility break especially with Python apps that used that library.



Refactoring and developer experience improvements in preparation for implementing the support for the Windows OOBE:

Also, reviewed PR’s 227 - to prepare metadata for release of 22.04.1, 222 - better testing for the launcher source code, and 221 - interprocess synchronization.

Working now on the integration of the Windows-only OOBE with the launcher.


Reviewed PRs 992, 1004, 1009, 1014, 1013, 1012, 1011, 1017, 1016 and 1024

  • Joined the Canonical mid-cycle review sprint
  • Reviewed a subiquity spec for post installation hooks, needed for the new desktop installer
  • Fixed speech-dispatcher prompting about a conffile change on upgrades
  • Fixed the gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders directory information being wrong in the gdk-pixbuf .pc
  • Investigated pdf rendering issues in the firefox snap. Turns out to be because so /etc/fonts/conf.d fontconfig configuration entries point to /usr/share/fontconfig files not available in the snap environement
  • continued poking a getting vulkan working in the chromium snap
  • tweaked the installer only session on the desktop canary image
  • merged the current ell which iwd was depwaiting on
  • verified the french langpack candidate updates for the LTS .1 and unsure that the new gtk translations were correctly included

Sorry for the delay, yesterday was holiday.

  • Migrated Gnome Contacts, Gnome Calendar, Gnome Recipes, Gnome Klotski, Gnome Mines, Gnome Chess, Gnome 2048, Quadrapassel (and fixed it) to Core22/Gnome42 snaps.
  • Updated versions in Gnome42 SDK
  • Fixed several libraries in Gnome42 SDK
  • Fixed several broken links in Gnome42 Contents and SDK
  • Several space updates in Gnome42 SDK and Contens
  • Added -Doptimization and -Ddebug to all parts in Gnome42 SDK

Steam Snap

  • Fixed issue on HiDPI screens and not displaying the correct cursor
  • Fixed missing locale
  • Added more details to the README
  • Triaging/testing bugs and fixes for other issues
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  • Finished my on boarding tasks;
  • Got to meet my team and talk a little with some other members of the Desktop Team (Nice talking with you guys!);
  • Started contributing with some functionalities for the AAD:
    • Added options for overriding homedir and shell;
    • Added some tests;
    • Working on making the configuration overridable per domain;

Azure Active Directory:

  • Fix error handling in pam/nss
  • Handle cache creation/minimizing the number of cache hit and miss
  • Reset a test environment locally
  • Present the project to Gabriel and Denison

Active Directory:

  • Multiple reviews of Gabriel’s fixes (thanks!)
  • Release of adsys with Gabriel + prepare SRU. Still an issue building the package on some archs though, so blocked in proposed for now