Desktop Team Updates - Monday 24th February 2020

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week.

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Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates - Monday 17th February 2020

  • Updated snapd-glib in focal to 1.55
  • Worked on gnome-software snap login dialog
  • Updated GNOME components to 3.35.91: gsettings-desktop-schemas, eog, vte2.91, gnome-terminal, gnome-software
  • Sponsored sane-backends 1.0.29.
  • Rebase various MRs that are awaiting review upstream.
  • Completed control center theme selector and uploaded in gnome-control-center 3.35.91-0ubuntu2.
  • Completed GNOME Software snap login dialog and uploaded in gnome-software 3.35.91-0ubuntu2.
  • zsys:
    • Finished work on garbage collector.
    • Activated automated snapshot before apt operations.
    • Testing, testing, testing,…
  • Other: Stats on Ubuntu report.

:desktop_computer: Gnome Shell:

:house: Focal house keeping:

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Backlog tracking


libreoffice24-margin LibreOffice

Snapcraft Snaps

  • Prepared an MR for deb2snap transitions in ubuntu-release-upgrader.
  • Began work on deb2snap transitions in update-manager.
  • Reviewed no user-dirs.locale only PR in snapcraft-desktop-helpers.


  • Investigated why Flutter apps crash on focal and not on eoan.
    • Turned out to be this, which can be “fixed” by installing this.


  • Continue work on garbage collector. Found a strategy that works as phase 1.
  • Fix grubzfs-testsuite autopkgtest failing (
  • Refactor zfs mock to be in its own subpackage and thus, not available in finale binary.
  • Abstract go-libzfs from zsys itself, so that only the adapter import it.
  • Fix tests to run in CI inside a docker container, we can now run all tests very rapidly on a focal container thanks to the mock.
  • Fix some segfaults
  • Misc cleanup in config
  • Update to latest go-libzfs
  • Fix CI for generated assets check
  • Do random zsys tests for GC and other commands

Misc (some old items I haven’t previously listed):

  • 1 day off
  • focal work
    • GNOME 3.35 updates
    • updated pulseaudio to the new rc version (debian/experimental + ppa)
    • started the new poppler soname transition
    • started the new gnome-desktop soname
    • sponsored a gnome-calendar segfault fix
    • synced the new libfprint and did some tweaks to tests to have it migrating
    • looked at the libsoup test regression and reported upstream
    • backport an udisks test fix for the new glib serie
    • reported new gcr test failures to upstream
    • updated libfprint to not fail build on tests on s390x
  • proposed migrations
    • debugged bubblewrap not happy with the new libcap and reported upstream
    • looked at the libsoup
    • did some small tweaks to tepl/atmk to address the MIR review comments

It was a short week, had Monday and Friday off.


  • #1863468: Resolved this bug by testing snap size difference generated by adding the Turkish language and deciding to keep it. Now there’s a snap in the snap store with this locale.
  • 6.3.5 release for eoan. Here’s the SRU. Thanks to @marcustomlinson for uploading it.

Build snap

  • Started tinkering with building gnome-system-monitor to test the build snap’s gtkmm but found issues in build snap so went back to that.
  • Finally got all the *mm pieces to build. gnome-3-34-1804-sdk snapcraft.yaml

Other stuff

firefox24 firefox

  • updated to 73.0.1+build1 (pending publication to bionic and eoan by the security team)
  • re-enabled unity-menubar.patch in firefox 74 beta builds
  • looking into getting C++17 support in xenial: I backported GCC 7.5.0 (as gcc-mozilla), I am now trying to convince the firefox build system to use it

chromium22 chromium

package24 other


fprint and friends

  • Some upstream reviews, updates on TOD library

GNOME 3.36 packaging

  • Some GNOME updates and sponsoring / syncing
  • Some massaging of things through proposed
  • Worked a bit more on the OEM support; going to propose ubuntu-drivers today
    • We have a package oem-qemu-meta in the archive now which should allow us to test the installation paths for the target system (that the package and its dependencies get and stay installed).
    • Some unexpected work after the NEW review - had to follow up with Canonical legal about the license, but should be sorted now.
  • Spent some time writing a message about an internal initiative to get more people to use Focal earlier (you could do this too!)
  • SANE: @robert.ancell uploaded 1.0.29 for me but I forgot the Build-Depends:, so made another debdiff which @robert.ancell also but now some known upstream bugs cause FTBFS on some architectures. See my comment on bug 1862926. Any help here on how to handle this correctly is appreciated.
  • ippusbxd, system-config-printer: Moved responsibility of starting ippusbxd on IPP-over-USB printers to the ippusbxd as designed upstream, as now with SANE 1.0.29 on multi-function devices we also scan through IPP-over-USB and so we do not need to exclude HP printers from IPP-over-USB to give way to HPLIP’s scanner support.
  • ippusbxd: Released 1.34 upstream and uploaded it to Focal. Now DNS-SD advertising of IPP-over-USB devices contains more device-specific info, especially scanner and fax capabilities are also advertised. Scanning is supported by SANE 1.0.29 and fax support still needs implementation.
  • system-config-printer: Uploaded upstream version 1.5.12 providing several bug fixes and (hopefully) correctly setting up SMB printers.
  • cups: Fixed upstream bug which made the cupsctl utility corrupt the /etc/cups/cupsd.conf configuration file. Added as distro patch to our package due to inactivity on CUPS development on Apple’s side.
  • cups: Uploaded 2.3.1-9ubuntu1 with recent autopkgtest changes reverted to reduce excessive test failures on proposed migration, but culprit is most probably a cups-filters bug which got already fixed now. Also 2.3.1-11 with autopkgtest fixes is on the way from Debian.
  • cups-filters: Received patches to prevent crashes of cups-browsed and also a patch to fix foomatic-rip not printing certain PostScript files which probably broke the autopkgtests of CUPS and many printer drivers, Debian has already put this patch into 1.27.1-3 being soon auto-synced into Focal.
  • pyppd: Investigated memory hogging problem and got patches for it from a GSoC student candidate. Last patch seems to have solved the problem. What happened that on creation of a print queue Gigabytes of memory could be taken up simply to get the PPD file from an archive.
  • Printer Application Framework: Continued work on improving the code, especially made it working right from the command line, without snapping, for development, and creating distinct service names for different snaps, connection types, or printers of the same model.
  • Avahi: Trent Lloyd has released 0.8.0 with special thanks to me. I have reported a bug to request for updating the Ubuntu package in Focal. Any friendly core-dev stepping up to do this update is welcome.
  • Linux Foundation Member Summit 2020, Lake Tahoe, CA: OpenPrinting (me and Aveek Basu from Lexmark) will be there and give a talk.
  • Google Summer of Code 2020: The Linux Foundation (and so also OpenPrinting) got accepted as mentoring organization! We also already have 11 mentors for OpenPrinting registered at Google! Continued to let student candidates work on assignments (like cups-filters bugs) to evaluate them for this year’s GSoC.
  • Bugs.
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GNOME Software/Snap Store:

  • updated to build with gnome-3-34 extension, needed newer glib which was in the platform snap
  • chasing problems when using the appstream-metadata interface and not finding locally installed debs. I’ve got a work around that is still a little buggy, still a WIP
  • Updated to include two apps with separate desktop files, Ubuntu Software and Snap Store. Uncovered a bug where the shell isn’t honoring OnlyShowIn=ubuntu and NotShowIn=ubuntu, but we can resolve that after feature freeze
  • Requested auto-connect of new interfaces needed


  • Discovered a crash running flutter apps on 20.04 and submitted crash report
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