Desktop Team Updates – Monday 23rd January 2023

Hi everyone, below you will find the updates from the Desktop team from the last week. If you’re interested in discussing a topic please start a thread in the Desktop area of Discourse .

Last week’s notes are here: Desktop Team Updates – Monday 16th January 2023.

  • [Ubuntu Pro] Adjustments to software-properties and gnome-initial-setup.
  • Familiarizing myself with +1 maintenance infrastructure (Canonistack, asynchrony between excuses and, ubuntu-archive-tools).
  • Chromium
    • [Snap] Fix for encrypted password storage via the system keyring (LP: #1997168) released to edge. It goes with instructions to get rid of the potentially invalid built-up data.
    • [Bionic] Stable tested and released.
    • [Bionic] Fixed dev channel failure to build in 32-bit architectures (namely ARMv7 and i386) due to undefined multiply with overflow check.
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  • The bug that caused GNOME Console 43 to not copy the last line of text was fixed upstream so I cherry-pick the fix for Debian and Ubuntu 23.04 and prepared a SRU for Ubuntu 22.10
  • Sponsored a fix for Othman (a Quran reader) and prepared the SRUs for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and 22.10
  • Sponsored units-cpp, a dependency needed for corectrl
  • Discussed the next major webkitgtk update and prepared initial paperwork for the Debian transition freeze break request.
  • Split the translation files for tepl to a separate binary package so that future soname bump transitions are smoother.
  • Updated mozjs102 in Debian and Ubuntu 23.04 including finding a build fix needed now that we’ve switched to Python 3.11.
  • Applied a similar fix to mozjs78, but that exposed that mozjs78 no longer successfully builds on armhf so I filed a bug for that issue.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the mipsel build of gegl, allowing gegl 0.4.40 to migrate to Testing (two months after it was initially uploaded to Unstable)
  • Investigated a possible regression in Mutter 43.1 but it turned out to be an expected behavior change.
  • Miscellaneous package updates and proposed migration work


A module to interface with WSL via Go

  • Finished workflow using the aforementioned Github actions on WSL GoWSL #10.
  • Moved GoWSL to the Ubuntu organization:
  • Made it easier to contribute by creating a prepare-repo script so potential contributors don’t need to manually set up their environment. GoWSL #27
  • Started bugfix: The WSL Windows API has a bug when attempting to redirect stdout to a file so this should side-step it GoWSL #29


  • Worked on Yaru window and dialog title bars
  • Continued taking Yaru widgets and icons into use here and there
  • Added a way to hide “Try or install” when re-launched from the desktop




software-store related


firefox24 firefox

  • submitted utah changes to adapt the ISO tests to the new installer
  • updated thunderbird to 102.7.0 (deb and snap). Started working on updating stable series but stopped due to a regression with office 365
  • sponsored alsa-ucm-conf fixes from oem for mic state and led issues
  • reviewed the new cups stack update Till is working on
  • reviewed, tested, uploaded Ubuntu Pro changes for software-properties and gnome-initial-setup
  • cups-filters: Continued the Integration of the new generation of cups-filters (2.0b2) into Debian and Ubuntu. Fixed everything needed (including simple autopkgtests) on the Debian packages (according to @seb128) for them to pass the NEW process of Ubuntu and uploaded the packages to Lunar, with cups-filters entering Main right away and libcupsfilters, libppd, and cups-browsed as new source package names entering Universe. @seb128 solved the crazy symbols files needed for C++, thanks for that. Created a MIR for the 3 new source packages and hope it is right now, after some discussion with @didrocks and @seb128 (thanks a lot!). Fixed missing dependencies for the autopkgtests (libcups2-dev) and an upstream bug preventing monochrome PCL-XL output from Ghostscript due to wrong ICC profile (commit), discovered by another failing autopkgtest. On Debian the new packages go to Experimental due to the Bookworm freeze (see also January News). And released cups-filters 1.28.17 to make the recent bug fixes available to Bookworm.
  • PAPPL scanning support: Our new contributor Akarshan Kapoor started to create documentation for libpappl with the new functions for scanning added by Bhavna Kosta using codedoc, and also created a list of functions to check which ones are still needed for scanning. I reviewed the list.
  • Linux App Summit 2023 in Brno: Will take place April 21-23, Call for Proposals opened and will end Feb 18. Mentioned in the January News and announced on Mastodon, got re-posted a lot. I will be there …
  • Google Summer of Code 2023: Submitted the mentoring organization application for the Linux Foundation. Completed the 9 project ideas for OpenPrinting, and helpes other workgroups of the Linux Foundation getting set up. Continued assigning GitHub issues to contributor candidates and mentored them on working on the issues. Good news: We get many contributor candidates. Bad News: I have difficulties to find issues for all of them. Good News: OpenPrinting is less buggy than I thought … GSoC 2022 contributors wrote reports about their after-GSoC work in the January News.
  • OpenPrinting: Quarterly video meeting “OpenPrinting Checkpoint” with Kate Stewart and Jeff Licquia from the Linux Foundation.
  • OpenPrinting: January News Post. Highlights are GSoC 2023 project ideas and more, LAS 2023 in Brno, New Architecture going into Debian/Ubuntu.
  • Bugs.